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More from Simon on explaining his idea of what’s behind the famous building 7:

That’s right: Bob Mc Ilvaine, Manny Badillo and assorted 0;mourning family members” are behind this well-funded “truth campaign” – all under the wing of the Richard Gage clown. The “BUILDING WHAT” propaganda is a most effective way for the perps to uphold the idea that people died on 9/11 – since the public will never suspect – and will promptly reject the notion – that these “mourning family members” are simply paid operatives working for the government. As you can see, there may well have been a pre-planned purpose for the “suspicious collapse of WTC7” – now that we know that 3000 people did NOT die on 9/11.

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8 years ago

They are clever I give them that however,, I certainly don’t buy it great post!