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Saturday, November 2, 2013  9:11pm EDT

Thanks to:




Johnny C.


for calling in and talking about, as usual, a wide range of topics that emanate from the great .

We  talk about Rob Ford Toronto Mayor Scandal, the event, and some of the week’s posts at fakeologist.com





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7 thoughts on “ep73-Fakeologist Radio Raw

  1. Carys

    Great show and good to hear from such a mix of interesting and intelligent people. Enjoyed hearing all their perspectives. And thanks to the late Linda McCartney for the hilarious backing track. 😉

  2. rickpotvin

    Now that we’ve solved 9/11 with the help of Ab, Simon and Markus and their many guests and contributors over the past couple of years, I thought that the following made-for-TV introduction might be a good model for our documentary– The Bin Laden – George W Bush and 9/11 Terrorism Show–

  3. smj

    those feet in the background of the nypost pic appear to be attached to bodies that couldn’t care less about what’s occurring around them. not that the background matters since the subject of the photo is a dummy, albeit a coordinated dummy.
    i must be in some sort of surrealist nightmare. there is something foreboding about the inanity of these recent psyops.

  4. Johan Backes

    G20 extravaganza shill, sales guy and front man, took over for dirtbag cum laude fantino who earned his stripes hiding 911 rabbit trail money for Mohammed Atta and his flhying circus at RBC and “wilcard” psyop in local conspiracy rags, nuff said. Now shamtino is a VAughn MPP…looks like he did good…please review his wki page here which is over loaded with 9’s and 11’s

    Blair is the next in line and a world class criminal yes man on the same career path.

    What im wondering is if they are all in on it together (star/fords/municipality/cops) just selling papers and distracting us from something else going on ATM. Typical strategy. Maybe Mayor Ford is just soaking up some weak shots that will NEVER stick since there is no real case while they scam elsewhere. I think its naive not to consider they are all on the same team.

    Cant wait for the show

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