Toronto video mayor “scandal”

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The country of Canada is being paralysed by this latest 0;capital of Canada” media event.

Johnny C and I are both looking at this event with glasses. It’s clear to me that the much of the implicating imagery is fake.

That fact is quickly being ignored and pushed aside in the court of public opinion. The mayor has not been charged with anything in any court. Like the mayor or not, this is case of how a powerful media can be used to manipulate a situation.

The Toronto mayor is more of a symbolic rather than powerful position, unlike American cities. Since Ford could easily be real due to this fact, it’s a testament to his internal fortitude that he would put up with such a Fabian-style war against his character.

The question then becomes who is pushing this fake video? Is the chief an active player or an unwitting dupe? Lots of questions with few answers. A major distraction that has roots.

Toronto Star reporter on Ford video scandal | Watch the video – Yahoo News Canada.

8 thoughts on “Toronto video mayor “scandal”

  1. JohnnyClues…

    (from article above)
    Rob Ford’s lawyer urged police to release the video alleged to show the Toronto mayor smoking crack cocaine, and suggested Ford was smoking another substance, such as marijuana or tobacco.

    Dennis Morris said in an interview with CBC News that Ford is “innocent of any allegations made about his smoking crack cocaine.”

    He also said neither police nor the Toronto Star reporters who say they have viewed the video can confirm the substance being smoked on the video is crack.

    “No one is going to approach the media with a video saying he’s smoking tobacco or marijuana — it’s not salacious enough,” said Morris. “It’s not going to sell newspapers, it’s not going to make headlines all over the world.”

    Bill Blair Vs. Mayor Ford ( Get RRRRRReady To RRRRRRRumble)…

    More Mayor Bashing At It’s Finest…

  2. JohnnyClues

    Project Brazen 2 Timeline

    – May 16: U.S. gossip news site Gawker publishes a story claiming that its editor had been shown a video of Ford puffing from a glass crack pipe. The Toronto Star follows suit hours later with a similar story that says two of its reporters had been shown the video on a separate occasion. Both media reports claim the video was being shopped around for a six-figure sum of money.

    An unnamed source in the stories provided Gawker and the Star with a photo depicting Ford and four men, believed to be in the drug trade, outside a house that Toronto police described as a crack house. The photo became widely circulated in the media. Ford denied smoking crack or that such a video exists.

    – May 18: Toronto police assign Gary Giroux, an experienced detective sergeant, “to investigate the matter brought forth by the Toronto Star and and their allegations against Mayor Rob Ford. Specifically to investigate the existence of a cellular phone containing a video of Ford smoking crack cocaine.”

    – June 24: A police aircraft is deployed, in response to “counter surveillance measures Lisi has conducted in the past,” suggesting that Lisi was aware he was being monitored. It appears the aircraft was repeatedly deployed to monitor Lisi, but investigators suspended its use later in the summer after receiving noise complaints from people in Lisi’s neighbourhood.

    – June 28: Chris Fickel, a former special assistant in Ford’s office, tells investigators he believes Lisi may have been supplying Ford with marijuana and possibly cocaine.

    – July 11: Ford is seen on surveillance cameras parking at a gas station and then walking straight to the washroom. Shortly after, Lisi arrives at the gas station and is seen walking near the mayor’s SUV holding a manila envelope. “Lisi appears to be looking around, possibly scoping out the area,” the police document says. He is then seen walking along the passenger side of the mayor’s vehicle before going out of the surveillance tape frame. Ford spends about six minutes in the washroom, then buys a pack of gum and drives away.

    – July 28: Police conduct surveillance of Lisi again when he meets with Ford in a schoolyard in Toronto’s west end. Police retrieve trash that Ford and Lisi had deposited into a receptacle there. Ford’s garbage was “believed to be two empty vodka bottles,” the police document says.

    – Oct. 31: Details of police surveillance conducted as part of Project Brazen 2 are publicly released, and show a flurry of phone calls and meetings between Ford and Lisi in the days after the crack video story first broke on May 16.

    – Oct. 31: Hours after the document was released, Toronto police Chief Bill Blair holds a news conference saying that officers have recovered a computer file that’s consistent with media reports about the mayor.

    – Oct. 31: Ford holds a 90-second press conference at city hall in response, saying he can’t defend himself because the allegations against him are part of a criminal investigation involving an associate, adding: “That’s all I can say right now.”

    – Nov. 8: media lawyers plan to seek access to 170 pages that were redacted in the police document, in the hopes of learning more about how the investigation unfolded.…

  3. JohnnyClues

    I watched the full news conference with Police Chief Bill Blair last night (12 minutes long), and saved the link to my computer and decided to post it this morning, but sadly when I clicked on the link I named “Bill Blair Full News Conference”, it did not have the video, I’ve been searching the net, but have yet to find it again….so with great sadness, No Bill Blair Full news conference Video to post.

    Interesting video clip with some eerie backround music ( to add to the drama), and some more “Ford Bash”…

    The full Vid of Mayor Ford trying to escape “their media” from his home…

  4. JohnnyClues

    In the following clip, count the amount of times “their media” shows the footage of Mayor Ford trying to escape the wrath of reporters hounding him outside his home, “their media” makes sure to get that lodged into your mind, The ” oh boy, look at ford being aggressive” moment.…

    next vid is an introduction to Mr. Lissi (Ford’s occasional driver)…

    Next clip …This news reporter must of had McDonalds, cause she is “loving it”….Also, an interesting Tie Choice by this Municipal Lawyer, who mentions the Marion Barry case.…

    “the phone call”…

  5. smj

    i will quote that resolute veteran of the ’77 hanafi siege, marion barry –
    “bitch set me up.”

    brother barry, who according to wickedpedia has a m.s. in organic chemistry, also once declared –
    “I am making this trip to Africa because Washington is an international city, just like Tokyo, Nigeria or Israel. As mayor, I am an international symbol. Can you deny that to Africa?”.

    i’m gonna have to assume your chubby little mayor is also nothing more than persona in a ridiculous script.

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