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Truth Castle

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The interpretation of this basic schedule starts at the red A: the Big Lie itself.

“The castle” in this schedule symbolizes the Big Lie event. It needs to be protected at all cost. I hesitated to include “The Elite” in this schedule as well, for that would make it too confusing. However, this Big Lie was created by The Elite (or the PTB, or the perps, whatever you call them) basically to remain The Elite. The main interest for the elite is to continue being the elite, to be ‘standing above’ the people, the sheeple, the public. Like a king and his entourage, living in that castle, protected against all enemies.

The Big Lie itself is such an immense, outrageous lie that people aren’t even able to recognize it as a lie at all. It goes beyond any inmagination to consider it as it is: a lie, a fraud.

Still, it needs protection. Protection against discovering that it indeed was just nothing more than a lie in the first place. In order to keep the public away from it, The Elite figured something out to protect their all-important Big Lies: truth layers.

The truth layers are symbolized in this schedule by means of the protecting walls surrounding the Big Lie “castle” and, very important, the areas in between them. Indicated as the blue B and C.

These walls and areas in between them were created to keep the public, the sheeple as much as possible away from the “Big Lie” castle; the public is fed with with the Offical Story of the event to keep them busy in this “sea” of lies. That’s the unprotected, public area around the first protecting truth layer. As far away as possible from the all-important red area: the castle, containing the Big Lie. (See schedule.)

However, there is always a built-in possibility to access the castle, the Big Lie itself. In those protecting walls there are small, hidden doors which enable the transition from the unprotected area, the Official Story, right into the castle. (The green D in the schedule)

Please note, these entrances are an integral part of the entire design of these protecting walls themselves! In other words: this is definately not damage control. They are there for a reason. Imo this is the most fascinating aspect:

The elite allow the public to know that they are actually being fooled big time. With Big Lies.



h/t Herge Degrelle, Peter Sheehan

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Fake films

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What do the Zapruder film, Hazarkani film, and the alleged Mayor Ford video all have in common?

None would be admissable in THEIR courts of law. There is no chain of custody from creation to possession by a court of any of their respective cases.

Yet we form opinions, make laws, and spend vast resources based on their existence.

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Who is Rob Ford?

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The bergs of Toronto want to know if they are watching an act out of a play or if something real is going on. The question was asked in my email box,

Can take a look at what Ford is wearing….is this a masonic thing?

That is just the Chain of Office.
But if you look closely, it is Templar/Masonic in the engravings of the city of Toronto medallion and the one above it.

Now obviously he isn’t going to say each medallion is Templar/Masonic, so one has to know the truth to the symbols used in each medallion and their origins in order to see it. You might not find the compass and square out in the open but the other symbols, like the Templar Maltese crosses, Zoroastrian engravings, Hermetic engravings, Latin and the use of other deeper meaning symbols are there.

He’s in on it for sure.
If not, he slipped through the cracks and they are forcing him out any which way possible.
But slipping through the cracks seems tough to believe with Ford, considering his background, upbringing, Notre Dame, Carleton…
The guy is a son of a man who built a 100 million dollar company. So I think he is in on it, but he’s just too damn dumb to complete the job given….not that you have to be a rocket scientist. But David Miller before him, was definitely a mason, a semi-heavy hitter when you do the detective work. So all in all Ford is probably more of a liability for the overlords than they initially thought, so they are creating profit because there is no news like bad news, in trying to cancel him out. These little psyops are probably generating enough revenue for a little nest egg for him, not that he needs it…the rich little spud.

Here is another example of some outside fitting, inside hugging by the masons.
Slightly less than halfway down the page you will see Chavez arguing with King Juan Carlos and Aznar. Yet in reality they are all allies.

Masonic hand signs

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Interesting images of world leaders signing each other, or is it a coincidence?

This post is a review of the masonic signs described in the German book: “Freimaurersignale in der Presse” or freemasonic signals in the press.(This book and Richardson’s monitor of freemasonry can be downloaded on peer to peer like emule or you can also buy them online from a number of sources). The names for the signs come from the book “Sign Language Of The Mysteries” which was written decades earlier (see the other post on this blog for a review). Both books describe pretty much the same signs even thought they were written independently of each other.

via Waiting To Rot: The 12 masonic signs of recognition.

h/t Virginia