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Obama – the manufactured president

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Who is Obama? The answer is we don’t know. He is the most manufactured and censored President ever. He really is a product of 9/11 – the biggest hoax of our time. That is to say that since they did such a great job fooling 99.9% of the population with their magic trick, they went ahead and created quite possibly a President with a completely manufactured background and present. Who knows if his wife and children really are – or are actors brought together to create the perfect family and perfect presidency? I’m sure Obama was created far in the past – he was chosen just like the President of 2032, who is in college now being groomed. There are probably 50 different versions in “production” right now. Far fetched? Perhaps, but worth a thought.

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Is the drone program a hoax?

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As part of my research into all military propaganda (which is everything reported by the media about the military), I came to wonder if the drone program itself is fake.

There aren’t too many anywhere pondering this thought, although I came up with this amusing drone hoax site that may not be far off or a controlled opposition hoax:

The false site, claiming to be the UK homepage of General Atomics, mimics a real web page, but features the slogan “leading the targeted killing revolution” instead of “leading the situational awareness revolution”.

Elsewhere, the phoney homepage describes how Predator and Reaper drones, used by the US military in Afghanistan and Pakistan, are “being used to kill thousands of innocent people and terrorize hundreds of thousands more”.

via US drone maker targeted by anti-war web hoax – Channel 4 News. Continue reading

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Nazi art: news and movies

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What a coincidence: we have “news” that art is found in Munich, hidden away by the “evil” Nazis and we also a have a movie coming out very shortly with all your favorite celubtards or minions based on this exact theme! We need at least one good all-Germans-are-Nazis movies coming out per year (why and how Germans put up with such blatant prejudice is beyond me)

A Berlin art historian is helping prosecutors investigate a trove of 1,500 artworks that may have seized by the Nazis, which has been found in Munich.

via ‘Overwhelming’ trove of Nazi-looted art worth $1.35B found during money-laundering check | Toronto Star.

The Monuments Men (with whoelse – Clooney!)

An unlikely World War II platoon are tasked to rescue art masterpieces from Nazi thieves and returning them to their owners.

Bottom line for newbies: news and movies are one in the same. They are entertainment and manufactured for your distraction and to shape your opinions, ie. control your mind (NLP).

The old Soviet bloc had blatant propaganda, so it was much easier to discard. The NWO we have here and now has insidious propaganda, which is much harder to detect and therefore much more powerful, since most don’t see it to ignore it.

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