6 thoughts on “LAX Hoax vids

  1. tsisageya

    Of course there’s always the concept of the boy that cried wolf. After awhile, it’s just all bullshit.

    What a terrible/wonderful time this is. I don’t even know. If it were up to me…

  2. Dustyash

    I could not agree more with all the above comments,, this is a great example of what they want us to believe if you had trouble with the media fakery before this will certainly change your mind this is a real joke and they expect us to believe this crap they really need to stop this behaviour I mean really honestly come on folks the cat is out of the bag what are they really accomplishing at the end of the day they really have to stop!!!

  3. Banazîr Galbasi

    Take a look at the helicopter and its shadow in the second video as it flies past. Looks strange and of course it travels evenly across the screen like all the helicopters in 9/11 The Motion Picture.

  4. ArmunnRigh

    This dummy shot was so clumsy… too clumsy for a mistake.

    And I’m the one who believes that mistakes do happen in psyops, but one of this magnitude? Even the anchor pauses as the camera zooms in.


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