Obama – the manufactured president

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Who is Obama? The answer is we don’t know. He is the most manufactured and censored President ever. He really is a product of 9/11 – the biggest hoax of our time. That is to say that since they did such a great job fooling 99.9% of the population with their trick, they went ahead and created quite possibly a President with a completely manufactured background and present. Who knows if his wife and children really are – or are actors brought together to create the perfect family and perfect presidency? I’m sure was created far in the past – he was chosen just like the President of 2032, who is in college now being groomed. There are probably 50 different versions in 0;production” right now. Far fetched? Perhaps, but worth a thought.

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8 years ago

I quite ike Stephen Sindoni’s (or whoever that character claims to be) personal thoughts on the hectic Obama Osama case. He claims that the actor currently personifying the puppet President is no other than the secret hidden son of the current King of Thailand.

And “Obama”‘s resemblance with the son of the King of Thailand is also quite astonishing…

8 years ago

And his resemblance with the Prince of the Kingdom of Thailand is also quite revealing IMHO.

8 years ago

I don’t go for all this stuff. To me, it’s irrelevant. Our current president is nothing more than a used car salesman. Our current president is into the good old bait-and-switch. They’re all going for the long-con.

8 years ago

Yeah, give a background of more or less normality to another “Frankenstein monster”.

8 years ago

I love Blue Moon’s post.