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JFK 11/22/63 + 50

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This is a post to catch all JFK talk and links, as the big anniversary approaches.

I will move Blue Moon’s excellent comments on the topic over here tomorrow.

I will restate my position on JFK: I believe this was the first made-for-TV psyop. I believe JFK was a populist figure designed to attract and excite the younger generation to politics, with the express purpose to let them down and manipulate them into accepting a darker force that was required to restore law and order and war. The whole tragic event was scripted and acted, constructed to conform with the law, from before Kennedy even appeared in the public eye.

This means that it is unlikely he was killed, and that anyone else was injured or killed. Like any Hollywool actor, he played a part and went “home” at the end of the day.

The myriad of rabbit trails were put in place to deceive and keep researchers busy for 100 years, diverting them from the primary deception that the whole event and concept was fabricated by the intelligence and psywar communities.

It is the success of this deception that the moon hoax and 9/11 were based on, as well as all the smaller hoaxes and psyops in between.

6 week cycle

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Adam and John hold a good theory that the psyops/drills/hoaxes go on a six week cycle. That is, somewhere in the world (or the US, I’m not too sure of their exact idea) an event is carried out. While both don’t spend too much time on the fakery aspects of the events, they state that it’s the FBI in the US events just trying to stay relevant and needed.

Generally speaking, I agree that there is a media event at least every 6 weeks that is promoted in the US. Locally, many more can be seen, since different areas are exposed to different media.

From Toronto, it appears something manufactured by the media is promoted almost daily. Every day there is a local, national, or international story that is suspicious.

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