JFK 11/22/63 + 50

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This is a post to catch all talk and links, as the big anniversary approaches.

I will move Blue Moon’s excellent comments on the topic over here tomorrow.

I will restate my position on JFK: I believe this was the first made-for-TV . I believe JFK was a populist figure designed to attract and excite the younger generation to politics, with the express purpose to let them down and manipulate them into accepting a darker force that was required to restore law and order and war. The whole tragic event was scripted and acted, constructed to conform with the law, from before Kennedy even appeared in the public eye.

This means that it is unlikely he was killed, and that anyone else was injured or killed. Like any Hollywool actor, he played a part and went 0;home” at the end of the day.

The myriad of rabbit trails were put in place to deceive and keep researchers busy for 100 years, diverting them from the primary that the whole event and concept was fabricated by the intelligence and psywar communities.

It is the success of this deception that the and were based on, as well as all the smaller hoaxes and in between.

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  1. Jack33

    According to Wiki, the island of Skorpios had zero inhabitants as of 1980. It seems the island has experienced a population explosion of sorts over the past 30 years with a reported population of 1 in 1991, 2 in 2001and 5 in 2011.

    Maybe I’m not familiar with how Billionaires ‘roll’, but if you view the island from Google Earth you’ll notice no fewer that 12 very sizable structures(mansions) spred out in various location through out the Island. There also appears to be a heli port, and small air strip, a tennis court, a basket ball court, and what looks like a putting green and sand trap.

    Seems like a lot of developement for a place that’s gone from having no perminant residents in 1980 to five in 2011, and is only used as a personal private vacation getaway for family and friends


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