Any fakery in the Skinner case?

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Now that we’ve seen the fully involved in suspicious stories here in Toronto, any promoted or high profile case will have to be followed closely. Looks like the police surveillance cameras 0;saved the day” in this unfolding drama. Scroll down and investigate the facebook pages of the players in this story and look for clues of .

Toronto police have arrested a person in the death of Christopher Skinner, who was beaten and run over in the Entertainment District four years ago, a police source says.

Skinner, 27, was trying to hail a cab after celebrating his younger sister’s birthday in the Entertainment District on Oct. 18, 2009 when he was beaten by as many as five men and run over by a black SUV, according to police.

As usual, the gay angle is always injected into it

Skinner’s friends initially suspected Skinner had been killed because he was gay, but Gallant said that motive remains purely speculative.

via Police make arrest in Christopher Skinner homicide | Toronto Star.

There’s also a foundation to raise money:…

The sister:

Taryn Skinner

Taryn Skinner fb

Her facebook page is suffering from a distinct lack of content.

Apparently she is a teacher in the Upon confirmation with the school board, I discovered that teachers aren’t listed on the website for “privacy” reasons. Interesting how public servants’ information isn’t public.

The mother:

Ellen Louise…

Just a bit of some on the inane writings on the facebook page of Taryn. Facebook writings can be foolish and silly, but try studying people that you might know and their facebook offerings and compare them. There is a distinct difference from fabricated ones.

Update: Agustin Caruso, 23, of Etobicoke, was arrested Wednesday and charged with second-degree murder.

Apparently he must have been ready to be charged, because he already has a lawyer! Fast work, Agustin!

His lawyer Gary Stortini declined to comment following the appearance.

His lawyer has almost 0 internet presence. Apparently, after 40 years of practice, he hasn’t had much impact, as his law practice has 0 reviews!……

A quick google search on “Gary” (simlawyer?) indicates this may not be his first simcase:…

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2 thoughts on “Any fakery in the Skinner case?

  1. JohnnyClues

    It didn’t take very long for the sister and mother’s facebook link to disappear…..kinda suspicious behavior IMO. And again… day – same type of story with all the trimmings.

    1. ab Post author

      Yes. I didn’t screen cap either page as it does get tiresome. I think fellow fakeologists get the idea. Wow, taken down within an hour. We must be flying over the target. Look for them to come back modified, although it will take some time to build them up.

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