Ford scandal – distraction or real?

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The world-wide Ford media event has grown far bigger than it deserves to. Is it:

  • a real event, and the mayor really has a drug problem
  • a distraction, so that legislation can be passed and frauds can be ignored safely by the media (Ontario was recently defrauded of $1 billion for unbuilt gas plants
  • a public humiliation of Rob Ford by Police Chief Master Mason of Ontario Bill Blair? (here’s a link to a possible version of this:…)
  • all of the above
  • none of the above

is negotiating with police through his lawyer for a private showing of the video that apparently shows him smoking crack cocaine.

via Ford’s lawyer seeks to sway police to give private viewing of crack video – The Globe and Mail.

There is so much more to this story. On the surface, it is a charade. Figuring out what it’s really about is a far more difficult task.

13 thoughts on “Ford scandal – distraction or real?

  1. JohnnyClues

    The Latest in the Mayor Rob Ford “Scandal” Continues….

    Mayor Rob Ford confirms he was drinking in new video shot last night (video and story)…

    Photos and video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford at Steak Queen restaurant (video,pics and story)…

    Rob Ford’s re-election chances not promising according to recent polls (video)…

    ‘Am I the Prime Minister?’ Rob Ford on legalizing marijuana (video)…

    Rob Ford accuses Kathleen Wynne of ‘letting the people of Toronto down’ (video)…

    Mayor Rob Ford staffer e-mails during crack cocaine scandal released (story)…

    It seems until the election passes, the railroading “skit” of Mayor Rob Ford shall continue.
    IMO – These “so called” “stories” are getting very old and very pathetic….seems clear the PTB are on a crusade to get rid of Ford, I’m sure this will please Master Mason Bill Blair. Still waiting on that crack smoking vid to be shown…..perhaps they will present it (after it’s made) a week before elections, to hammer the nail down.

    1. ArmunnRigh

      It is naturally a staged interview, but I got the feeling that this Conrad Black is Rob Ford’s superior.

      1. ab Post author

        Connie has made it well known in the past that he’s everyone’s superior. His pomposity is legendary.

  2. JohnnyClues…

    Video 1 – A Must Watch IMO – It’s GOLD !

    0:03 – WARNING: Explicit Language Discretion Adviced

    0:12 – “…I’ve never had a prostitute here, i’m very happily married at home, umm, this is very disturbing against my wife…”

    1:09 – Go Argos !!! – ??? ” …”spank” their little Tiger Cats…” (refering to CFL Football – Hence the argonauts jersey – more
    product placement?)

    1:13 – “oh and the last thing was….it said i wanted to eat her P****…….i’ve never said that in my life
    to her, i’d never do that….I’m happily married…i’ve got more than enough to eat at home ”

    I have a question – did your wife find your remark at 1:13 disturbing? Nothing like telling the world about your eating habits.
    Was your wife “cool” with you saying that?….. or is it now “No nookie for you tonight mister!” Ma Ford should get out
    the soap for such potty mouth in front of cameras! IMO

    Video 2

    – I didn’t bother listening to much the Quartet of “possible” liars at the table….6 minutes and 44 seconds from people who are
    on the tell-lie-vision.(probably lots of “oh c’mon, give me a break!” moments.

    Video 3

    – This Sean Mallen sure seems quite happy and eager to do some bashing….imo

    1. ArmunnRigh

      Good breakdown, Johnny.

      It also caught my eye that for most of the article, they talk about the effects of this on children… oh the children card over and over again.

  3. JohnnyClues

    Thankyou Ab…..yes the ole “screwgee” seems to be at play. Sadly after reviewing my markup of the story, I realized, there were more reasons than I stated out of the 11….my mistake!…The Fordy pic must a threw me off, seeing his “supposed” crackface and all….. and I did not notice the “suspected prostitutes” was one on the list, till it was posted…..but the just of the story is certainly there… I will take a quote from mayor ford to clear that minor mistake up that I made….

    Ford’s Quote – “you know what, I’m not perfect, maybe you are, but i’m not” he said. “

  4. lux

    When scandals like this happen my first thought is usually that the person has violated the terms of some cabal and this is his/her punishment.


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