Internal propaganda

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This is a cool video on the ridiculous LAX TSA Hoax, but this comment in the description is the best part of the page. I had no idea the law was repealed by the NDAA.

The silent repeal of laws against internal propaganda in the uSA (via the infamous NDAA bill), has been put to use early and often by criminals infesting our government. The result has been a tumultuous cascade of fake violence, meant to steeer public opinion. The end result, however, has been quite different. Great masses of people are instead becoming more sophisticated and aware than ever, of this sort of media chicanery.

3 thoughts on “Internal propaganda

  1. Dustyash

    Hi Ab,

    I just want to say thanks for everything that you are doing on here, I love your web site your contribution to try and make people aware … and for your invaluable support, friendship, transparency and “patience” in preparing, conducting and reporting these PsyOP events,, it is fantastic great job and to everybody else that contributes to it as well. It is and will continue to be a good cause in hoping to make people aware one person at a time. Cheers, hope to talk on the weekend. Dustyash

  2. rickpotvin

    I didn’t know there were ever laws against propaganda. Were they in effect on 9/11? Here’s a video that might be more unique than may others as it is realtime amateur capture and narration, ostensibly, of the burning trade towers. Knowing what we, here , know– about the electronic jamming and all-fake video– this piece is quite interesting and laughable. Enjoy.

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