Simon meets Tom and Friend

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JOHN FRIEND’s interview of yours truly. – November 6, 2013

Don’t know about my radio skills – but at least I try to diffuse our research. John was certainly very supportive :


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12 thoughts on “Simon meets Tom and Friend

  1. ArmunnRigh

    Curiously, Friend’s next guest is… Ace Baker.
    While on the show he said he had nothing scheduled, hours later Ace Baker appears as guest. Interesting…

    1. John

      Yeah, I specifically said that I didn’t have a guest scheduled for MONDAY when I closed the interview with Simon, and I didn’t at the time. Ace Baker was and is scheduled for this coming TUESDAY, and he was scheduled for quite some time (at least a few days before I even confirmed with Simon).

      I will be interviewing Pat Shannan about his recent book on the JFK assassination detailing the case of the “two Oswalds” on Monday. BTW, I am starting to have very serious doubts about the JFK assassination… I already knew the Zapruder film was a fake, but the entire thing is quite suspicious to me now… I don’t know what to make of it.

      I am reading Michael Collins Piper’s book Final Judgement documenting the Israeli/Jewish role in the “assassination”. No doubt Israel benefited, and Jews were all over the cover up and intrigues leading to his removal from office… but was the assassination real, at least how we’ve been told? I just don’t know anymore….

      And aybesea, I get guests simply by emailing people and making connections.

      Thanks for posting Ab, very much appreciated. This info is very important, and I do think we are making some progress in exposing all the fakery BS we are presented with. Keep up the good work.

      1. ArmunnRigh

        Oh so then you did know, when Simon was telling the story about Ace Baker, that he would be a guest the following week? Why not a even a mention of that? Why wouldn’t you just simply interject with a natural and simple “Really? Ace Baker? Hey Simon, I have him scheduled for next week, coincidently. I’ll be sure to ask him what he has to say about that”. That would be the proper honest attitude of someone with nothing to hide.

        To me it could be Ace Baker or Archie Bunker, it’s not about the guest, it’s about what I can only read as a sneaky attitude. At no time in the show, after you’ve heard what Simon has to say about Ace, did you mention the scheduled interview. Were you forced to say? No, but honesty would dictate as much, in my opinion. In the same way if you had Ace talking about Simon and you had Simon scheduled for a future show, honesty should compel you to tell him.

        And then in the end you even mention you don’t have anyone for monday while knowing all along you’d have Ace Baker on tuesday? Are you telling me it never occurred in your mind to mention it while Simon was on the air?

        1. smj

          if mr. friend is being forthright, it does seem like a propitious coincidence, at a minimum, that should have been mentioned to simon during the interview.

          i would be interested in hearing a logical rationale for withholding the info. i’m having trouble coming up with one on my own.

  2. wanda

    I listened to that. In particular, i related to Simon’s frustration that this is still on-going… no resolution, no end in sight, Some out there seem to be making a career of this… Fetzer for one. It is as if their “job” is to keep us from getting to a resolution.

    That’s how i separate the real from the memorex.

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