Sleight of hand

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I’ve always said there is more than a crack smoking drunk mayor story going on where I live (and propagating world-wide). It could be many things as I posted previously, but the main object of this media is a massive distraction from our financial melt down. Perhaps they are performing a massive public humiliation of Mayor Ford, for either initiation or castigation. The bottom line is we are being distracted from the massive looting of our children’s future.

While I don’t trust the Toronto Sun, I am as usual in awe of the occultist numerology in our latest financial statement:

Translation? The Liberals will increase their current $11.7-billion deficit, up from $9.2 billion last year, so they’ll have enough cash on hand to try to bribe us with our own money, whenever they call the next election.

Same goes for Ontario’s projected $272.1-billion debt (as of March, 2014), up from the $138.8-billion debt and $5.6-billion deficit they inherited from the previous Tory government in 2003.

via Wynne runs out of our money | Editorial | Opinion | Toronto Sun.

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