77 seconds of Ford

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Another highly degraded video showing 0;proof” the Toronto mayor is a _____. Fill in the blank. What camera takes video this poorly in 2013?

Their occultist are all you need to know that this is a stage show. Whether it’s real or fabricated, you’re watching a show while the till is being cleaned out.

In this profanity-laden, 77-second video, Ford is seen pacing about the dining room of a house, threatening death to an unnamed enemy. A person off-camera, who is encouraging Ford’s behaviour, tells him to wait until “after the by-election,” an apparent reference to the by-election Ford wanted the city to hold to replace departed deputy mayor Doug Holyday.

Video: bcove.me/1q0ci1qr

via Rob Ford caught on video in violent rant | Toronto Star.

5 thoughts on “77 seconds of Ford

  1. lux

    “What camera takes video this poorly in 2013?”

    They’re called pinhole spy cameras and there are a zillion of them for sale on eBay for as little as $5-$10. These low res video cameras are from China and are disguised as pens, clocks, watches, lighters etc. or are just left to look like tiny cameras. Search eBay for “spy camera” and you’ll see them. I bought one myself recently for about $10 including shipping from Hong Kong. The image quality is not great but adequate for it’s intended purpose.

  2. Gabriel

    The first time I watched it I thought he was intentionally acting, pacing but staying in the camera view. I think he knew he was being filmed but we do not know the full context. Was he playing a Farley roll like others mentioned, maybe? It is odd though.

  3. JohnnyClues

    Had to take a second to comment on this doozy

    I agree with smj and armunn’s assessment…..does look like a skit of sorts…. the mention of mike Tyson was interesting…..this could certainly be a little “play”….just like stated by others…..”her Fordy…..do your impression of a nutbar……you know that one where you act like all frustrated, pace around, saying profanities….. gonna record ya for a joke buuuuuuuuuuuddy!”
    Also……..I see no crack pipe….forget “where’s the beef” more like “where’s the pipe?”
    not sure what to make of this video….but my 911 goggles were screaming ” very odd and suspicious”,……they will have to do a much better job,at least convincing me……he just seems irritated, possibly too much bourbon and not another appetizers…….maybe that in retrospect is what this vid is about….”ford losing it over a squished cupcake” ……bring on the next vid for dissection.

  4. ArmunnRigh

    Well, honestly, and from my distance, I think this video is real. The video resolution is consistent with quite a few mobile phones filming in “space-saving” mode (at least the ones we get here). His behaviour seems to be pumped-up aggression, as he’s energetic for sure, with a tad of comedy. This pumped-up attitude is consistent with cocaine (which at least in Portugal I know is the high-level drug of choice) and perhaps reinforced with alcohol. Still, as SMJ pointed out, it is quite possible that the little bit of comedy that transpires could be due to it really being a joke. “Hey Ford, do that Farley thing you do so well” – and then quickly grab the mobile phone and hit record without much preparation.

    If it was so and it’s now being used as a public “proof”, it follows the pattern of a public humiliation. This video proves nothing, but moves the public opinion against him. It humiliates him, that’s for sure. And that seems to be the single purpose of publicizing this video, which would mean that he stepped over some minor line he shouldn’t have and he’s being scoulded.

    Yes, it could be staged, but I’ve seen behavior like this from people half joking around and half looking to vent out their energy, while high on cocaine and drunk.

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