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11/11 is coming soon. Sure looks different through 9/11 filters.


The rich allegory of this greatest of all Canadian War Memorials resonates with Masonic symbolism. We are tempted to wonder if this brilliant artist in stone was influenced by Freemasonry?


The secret is this: The Jachin pillar (meaning Yah establishes) is King Solomon, and the Boazpillar (meaning strength) is King David. And these two were Israel’s most illustrious kings and also the ones mostly responsible for planning and/or building the Jewish Temple. Both kings are messianic figures. All that follows is explanatory.

Happy odd day 9/11/13

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Not quite a 9/11 story, but it’ll do.

9/11/13? It’s Odd Day! Mathematical quirk featuring three consecutive odd numbers happens only five time every 100 years

via 9/11/13? It’s Odd Day! Mathematical quirk featuring three consecutive odd numbers happens only five time every 100 years | Mail Online.

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ep75-Raw Raw Radio

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Talktime: Saturday, November 9, 2013 9:11pm EST (11/9/13)

We talk to Aral Sea, Armunn, Dusty Ash, Heath, PShea Continue reading

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The art of misdirection

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I simply love this stuff. We should all have to take a course on the human mind once we become conscious. I’m sure those that rule over us are training their offspring in this information all day long.

Apollo Robbins has a website: www.istealstuff.com/

h/t Jan Erik

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9/11 vicsim relative sighting

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This dropped into my mailbox from writer “CM”:

I have an interesting story that might provide a useful factoid in re: the continuing 9/11 hoax.
My brother and I were flying out of Toronto Pearson a few days ago. We were put into different security lines. My brother was in the “Nexus” line, where people who buy their tickets with an Am-Ex card go through faster security. (!?!?) So this lady gets summoned by the loudspeaker to go to the Air Canada desk: “Maureen Wisniewski”.  She made a big show of being called (That’s me!), and then she departed, and returned shortly.  My brother asked her what it was, and “Maureen” said that it was because she was a Canadian 9/11 widow, but that she couldn’t say more BECAUSE IT WAS CLASSIFIED. (Because 9/11 widows are now keepers of state secrets?)
My brother was not as up on the fakology of 9/11, and he was still of the mind that the “widows” doubted the official story. So he asked “Maureen” if she believed the official story.  M got very upset very quickly, and said of course she believed the story. My bro said that he resented waiting in long security lines for nothing. M said that it was not for nothing because this high security was necessary to protect us all from “THE BAD GUYS”, and that she “WAS HERE TO REMIND US OF THAT”.  “CANADIANS ARE BECOMING COMPLACENT.”
I was not able to find the “Canadian 9/11 widows” group, but I found Alan L. Wisniewski, 47, Howell, N.J.*and Frank T. Wisniewski, 54, Basking Ridge, N.J on the vicsim list.
I don’t believe her for one minute, but I wondered if she is there to pull people in so that she can get upset and charge people with a hate crime. I also wondered if her job is just to wander around airports in Canada, and remind complacent Canadians about the bad guys.
That is a true account of a our recent encounter with a widow of a vicsim.
“BETTY ANN BOWSER: One year after losing her husband, Carol Wisniewski and her two children are still receiving all kinds of support from the community. When he died at 54, Paul Wisniewski was a vice president for the securities firm Cantor Fitzgerald.”

‘Alan Wisniewski, 47, family came first

Alan Wisniewski hated to miss a day’s work.

As associate director of the Sandler O’Neill investment banking firm at the World Trade Center for the past three years, the 47-year-old Howell resident wrote computer programs to help banks convert stocks after a sale.

“He was very devoted. He learned the work ethic from his father. He probably had his laptop out on the train both ways,” said Kathy, his wife of nine years.”

—That’s 2 Wisniewski widows: Carol and Kathy.  No Maureen.  I suppose it is possible that her name is Carol Maureen? (which is not likely because the profile from the Star Ledger says her full name is Carol Donnelly Wisniewski — www.legacy.com/Sept11/Story.aspx?PersonID=111613&location=2) or Kathy Maureen? But I have never heard of such a name.
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