The art of misdirection

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I simply love this stuff. We should all have to take a course on the human mind once we become conscious. I’m sure those that rule over us are training their offspring in this information all day long.

Apollo Robbins has a website:

h/t Jan Erik

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4 thoughts on “The art of misdirection

  1. ArmunnRigh

    At 4:38 he says “pardon me” and begins to loosen/remove his tie, which is probably attached somehow to his vest that can retract itself with an elastic to get hidden behind his back, underneath the coat. Follow his movement from 4:38 until he steps onto the stage and it sure seems like he is triggering the “change of clothes”.

  2. ArmunnRigh

    Not that it doesn’t work, because it sure does, but it’s also one of the oldest tricks in the book to have an accomplice in the audience “picked at random”.

    1. ab Post author

      Yes that’s a very important point. Thanks for reminding. I tried hard to see when he took off his vest and purple shirt, but couldn’t really see as he handed the remote to the lady. There was a quick camera cut that seemed to lose a second or two. Anyone else notice?


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