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Remember the Alison Parrott case?

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Now that it appears Toronto is psyop central, I’ve decided to dig up.a few memorable, highly promoted cases.

A quick look, and the pervasive 11s appear.

I will never forget her very public mother reacting emotionally to either her disappearance or death on TV. It has bothered me to this day and perhaps now I know why.

Alison Parrott (September 28, 1974 – July 25, 1986), was an 11-year-old girl who went missing from her home in Toronto, Canada. Her remains were found two evenings later in a densely wooded area of Kings Mill Park.

At about 11 o’clock on the morning of …

Lesley, at work and got permission to attend the session (the same man had called 11 days earlier, while Alison had been at summer camp, asking for her).

.. May, 1987, Lesley Parrott, aided by colleagues at the advertising agency where she worked, launched the Canada-wide “Stay Alert…Stay Safe” program


The capture and trial was even more disgusting and odd. I’ll let you research that if you wish.

Here’s a link of a recent interview from J.C.


Here’s a link to the other mother/activist borne out of a “murder”


Interesting the two women seem to be from South Africa. As a commenter said, there are never any fathers speaking out. Both “became” activists, fundraisers, advocates, one even tried to become a politician. Certainly odd behaviour. The results were laws were changed. Another noble set of lies?

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WW2 and the Holocaust

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Aybesea has a reasonable, calm piece on the Holocaust and WW2.

Over the past 20 years I have read – with a very open mind – roughly 40 books on the Holocaust. So just what exactly was the Holocaust? What happened during that period?

via AybeSea: What was the…????.

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Hoax? Toronto propane explosion

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Digging through the Toronto history books, let’s look for clues on this little doozy.

Toronto propane explosion   Wikipedia  the free encyclopedia

Toronto propane explosion – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Let’s check out firefighter who just happened to be around to help, Bob Leek.


While I didn’t circle any of them, there are many recurring 8s (additive and otherwise) in this story.

Fear, land clear, law changes. All three occurred here. Did it happen as we are told?

Colleagues recall fond memories of veteran firefighter Bob Leek


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Poppy Day

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Looking past the symbols takes one into uncomfortable places.

Anyway my little band of truth seekers I need to explain Remembrance Day which is also know as Poppy Day , Armistice Day and Veterans Day to you. This ritual, that we all blindly take for granted usually takes place in the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month and basically consists of everyone stopping what they are doing at 11am on the 11th November and staying silent for two minutes.

via The Matthew Delooze Website.

h/t Virginia

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The Prescient Truman Show

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Great movie, and good review here of it.

By 1998, “reality television” seemed like a curious media-driven fad that had run its course.  Reality television programming had been a clever idea for network executives to cheaply test out ideas without needing to invest in recurring union actors.  After CBS’ Survivor and Big Brother’s ratings precipitously dropped off, it seemed that the  phenomenon was headed for the dustbin.

via The Prescient Truman Show – The Vigilant Citizen – The Vigilant Citizen.

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