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The lying and are everywhere, even in health stories by WHO. No, I’m not searching every story for the numbers. They’re following me!

Polio that has crippled at least 13 children in Syria has been confirmed as being caused by a strain of the virus that originated in Pakistan and is spreading across the Middle East, the World Health Organization said.

Genetic sequencing shows the strain found in Syrian children in Deir al-Zor, where an outbreak was detected last month, is linked to the strain of Pakistani origin found in sewage in Egypt, Israel and Palestinian territories in the past year.

0;Genetic sequencing indicates that the isolated viruses are most closely linked to virus detected in environmental samples in Egypt in December 2012 (which in turn had been linked to wild poliovirus circulating in Pakistan),” the United Nations agency said in a statement on Monday.

Closely-related strains of the wild poliovirus of Pakistani origin have also been detected in sewage samples in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip since February 2013, it said.

Polio virus has been confirmed in 13 of 22 children who became paralyzed in the northern Syrian province of Deir al-Zor. Investigations continue into the other 9 cases. It is Syria’s first polio outbreak since 1999.

via Polio virus strain in Syria confirmed as being from Pakistan – WHO – Yahoo News.

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1 thought on “Get your shots Syria

  1. Herge Degrelle

    What obvious bullshit. What wonderful humanitarians they are, aren’t they ? On the one hand they promote and pay mercenaries for a civil war and destruction in the country to topple an anti-usury secular Syrian leader who has the full support of the majority of the citizens behind him (hence the reason why they have such a hard time with their long-in-the-works coup d’etat against him) and most important of all owes ZERO to the IMF and on the other hand they care so much about the ‘children’ that they want to bless him with free pharmaceutical vaccines. Isn’t that nice ?

    Syria owes zero dollars to the International Monetary Fund:…

    They’re attacking them through the back door. Assad should throw the vaccines straight back in their face, since they’re likely to slow-kill most of his population while they supposedly ‘fast-cure’ a few polio cases. Of course, if Assad were to reject their poisonous fuccines, they will call him a heartless child-murderer to fall in line with their bullshit stories of how he deliberately gases children. At the same time when he does accept the vaccines, the entire troofer community of douches will call him an obvious ‘NWO” asset and believe me these psychological operations take ALL of these factors into consideration.

    Dinglebarry Soetero, Kerry, John McCain and Rand Paul can all go fug each other right underneath Israel’s ‘wailing wall’ with beanies on their heads and vaccinate each other their polio-free lobotomies while they’re at it.


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