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  1. Carole Thomas

    Thanks Armun, despite some of the problems you and Ab have raised, I think these videos are perfect to raise awareness. Gonna show them to my 13 year old son when he gets back from school. I am always looking for ways of making my children gently aware of the fakery going on without always coming across as a lone nutter. A few months ago I showed my 17 year old daughter the Robbie Parker Sandy Hook video and she seemed to understand he must be an actor but recently they did a session on it in school and her teacher mentioned that there were some “conspiracy nuts” out there who thought the parents were actors. My daughter came home and told me that she now believes the official story! There is so much peer pressure and indoctrination going on, it’s sickening. I can only hope that one day she will realize the phoniness of it all. Btw I told her I would believe SH if she could show me one video with the parents actually crying. I think that made an impression on her but she says she doesn’t want to investigate it further.
    Carole Thomas

    1. ArmunnRigh

      Yes, the stories. Children absorb them like a sponge because it is in childhood that the background context for the adult is built. That’s what child’s play is all about, isn’t it? The enactment of stories for when they grow up.

      In modern times, though, when they get to hit the brick wall of reality after having spent an entire childhood of fantasy preparation, they become loose cannon teenagers – because it simply does not match the stories (even though they can’t really explain where’s the problem) and they feel their parents betrayed them.

  2. wanda

    I found this image today and was reminded of that guy. I could link to the article, but it seems pointless… it’s just “news”… or so they tell us.

  3. ArmunnRigh

    Interesting how the obvious fake airplane video is the only one he suddenly says is inconclusive, heh? 😀

    Whoever is behind this series knows that debunking an airplane footage hoax would make people, subconsciously at least, consider 9/11.

    1. ab Post author

      He also mentioned in the UFO video that they can put fake images in live footage. That is another possible allusion to the 9/11 deception that Ace Baker pushes: fake planes put into live footage. That line of thinking lets the broader media off the hook, and allows for the possibility that an evil group hijacked and fooled the media.

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