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If stories were not the decisive factor in human behavior, then there wouldn’t be a need for media control, nor for religious control – which have been the earlier storytellers.

-ArumunnRigh, Fakeologist contributor

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When it comes to stories, or myths in this case, it is not the factuality that matters but the purpose. When truth is unachievable, we will enter a story that will provide a cushion of safety against a seemingly always lingering threat.

That’s the true challenge of fakeology – as it is not a mere matter of checking if media events are staged (if the 0;priests” are telling the truth), it is a matter of slicing reality to eliminate as many untruths as possible. That destroys the cushion-stories. What then? What lies beyond when we have discovered everything truth is not?

You can hear more from Arumunn on ep75 and ep73 of Fakeologist Radio Raw.

The Woman and the Feminine Principle

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6 thoughts on “Storytelling

    1. wanda

      I am right there with you DustyAsh… may i call you Dash? I’ve been listening to Larken Rose for a long time… the man just makes too much sense.

      Here’s my favorite:

  1. Dustyash

    his is a good video to show and lay out the tyranny of the ruling class Ab you may know this person I am thinking but I thought it would be good to show and hear the low down of the misguided voting system we have.

  2. wanda

    You know you have read something profoundly written when your thoughts keep returning to it long after you’ve set it aside. Your stories have taken up residence in my head.

    Well done Armunn… the great work, perhaps as it was intended to be.


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