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Who is Justice Ian Nordheimer?

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I’m still convinced that most or all of the Ford scandal is a hoax psyop. Who are the players in this story? Are they real, or are they actors, or sims?

A quick google search of the judge Justice Ian Nordheimer doesn’t reveal much. Is he a sim or a very quiet judge? Whatever story his name pops up seems questionable, if not totally fake, at best.

Toronto has been hoaxed and psyOped it seems for a long time now. So much for thinking we were any different from the rest of the world, or America.

A Superior Court judge became one of a handful of people Tuesday to see a video showing Mayor Rob Ford smoking what appears to be crack cocaine.

But Justice Ian Nordheimer said he will reserve his decision about whether alleged gang member Muhammad Khattak and his lawyers can watch the video until a later date.

via Justice Ian Nordheimer views Rob Ford ‘crack video’ | Toronto Star.


Here’s a profile of the Judge – with a photo from 1988. No pictures of this guy for 25 years?

Here’s a psyOp cliche phrase:

“He’s extremely fair and he’s also got a really good sense of humour,” Clewley said.