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Building a better moon hoax thread

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It finally happened. My child was cornered at school over her nutty father’s beliefs.

In this case, it was the moon hoax.

Searching around the ‘net, I couldn’t quickly find any great summary sites to list the top 5, 10 or even 25 reasons the whole thing was a hoax. I really need 3 good quick talking points for the child to introduce to their attention deficit disordered classmates.

Feel free to comment here so I can get a great thread going – links, youtubes, etc are great but I need some rapid fire talking points as well.


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John meets Ace with Tom

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I’m posting this for a few reasons. Tom injects goodness into the broadcast, and because I haven’t heard a recent Ace interview anywhere since I started my investigation over a year ago.

As I’ve said before, the movie that jolted me the most was the Great American PsyOpera. I’ve since learned much, but as an overall movie, I’d still recommend it. Ace seems to be as stubborn or controlled as Fetzer: he refuses to acknowledge the logic of discarding the video “evidence” that is the crux of the whole “truth” refutation of the official conspiracy story.

As a host, I realize the danger of punching the guest in the mouth with my views before he gets his out. It’s a delicate balance that one must weight if they want to get the guest’s (unbiased) views. John’s evolution to my way of thinking about the whole psyOp concept is coming along, so I won’t fault him for at least exposing Ace for what he appears to be.

Ace also did a good explanation of cognitive dissonance. When faced with the choice of believing the official story or believing our government is lying to us, most will choose the official story. It’s really a Sophie’s Choice for most, and therefore, a highly distasteful thought.

One occultist number that Ace dropped in the audio was that he found 22 data points or anomalies illustrative of problems making video composites. This is said at 25:20 of the broadcast.

Perhaps we will do an audio this week and deconstruct the interview and the GAPOpera as a group (whoever wishes to conference in). I too would have liked an explanation for the Fetzer show suicide episode. I also would have liked an indication of how he managed to produce such a high production quality movie on a 0? budget. How come in his entire “truth” career has he not moved forward to a logical conclusion that so many here have? If there’s a good reason, I’d like to know that.


On this edition of The Realist Report, we’ll be joined by Ace Baker, producer of the documentary 9/11 – The Great American Psy-Opera. Ace and I will be discussing his 9/11 research.

via John Friend’s Blog: The Realist Report with John Friend.


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The legality of video “proof”

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Tom in CT has the clearest vision of psyOps and evidence that I’ve heard/read anywhere so far: (via http://www.john-friend.net/2013/11/the-realist-report-with-john-friend_12.html?showComment=1384336624866#c1745137804324147981)

  1. Regarding my Motion to Exclude Video Evidence:


    Cognitive illusions are assumed to be an interaction based on assumptions about the world, which lead to unconscious inferences an idea first suggested in the 19th century by Hermann Helmholtz.

    There are 4 categories of Cognitive illusions, briefly, they are:

    1. Distorting illusions are characterized by distortions of size, length, or curvature.
    2. Ambiguous illusions are pictures or objects that elicit a perceptual ‘switch’ between the alternative interpretations.
    3. Paradox illusions are generated by objects that are paradoxical or impossible, such as the Penrose triangle or impossible staircases seen, for example, in M. C. Escher’s Ascending and Descending and Waterfall.
    4. Fictional illusions are defined as the perception of objects that are genuinely not there.

    In the Digital World, Fictional Illusions are very easy to create.


    We are putting our case before the Court of Public Opinion.

    In Law Courts there are Trial Procedures that have developed over centuries. Unfortunately, there are no Trial Rules in the Court of Public Opinion. This fact makes it very easy for gatekeepers and disinfo agents to spread lies and confuse issues.

    Long story short, we have Courts to find fact and settle disputes. That is what they are for. Trial procedure generally follows a certain procedural pattern. Normally, before the actual presentation of testimony and evidence before a jury begins Evidence Issues are settled.

    The defense and prosecution request the court, in advance of trial, to admit or exclude certain evidence. These requests are called motions “in limine.”

    Pronounced: “in-lim-in-e”.

    In limine means that the request is made before trial.

    Maybe there is some evidence that has some sort of problem. Maybe it was not preserved properly. Maybe it was hearsay which means that it was a statement made outside of court and nobody had a chance to question that witness to determine their credibility.

    In these cases, a Judge makes a determination as to whether or not that evidence should come into court. Because if it does come in, it may favor one side.

  2. In Federal Court, the 1000-series rules govern video evidence. For example, Rule 1001 contains Definitions.

    In this article:
    (a) A “writing” consists of letters, words, numbers, or their equivalent set down in any form.
    (b) A “recording” consists of letters, words, numbers, or their equivalent recorded in any manner.
    (c) A “photograph” means a photographic image or its equivalent stored in any form.
    (d) An “original” of a writing or recording means the writing or recording itself or any counterpart intended to have the same effect by the person who executed or issued it. For electronically stored information, “original” means any printout — or other output readable by sight — if it accurately reflects the information. An “original” of a photograph includes the negative or a print from it.

    The key here is “If it accurately reflects the information”

    That is the issue. Based on other corroborating evidence, we do not believe that the video on 911 accurately reflected reality. We think that the video on 911 constitutes an intentional type of “Cognitive Illusion” called a “Fictional Illusion”.

    In fact, we believe that there was broad use of CGI imagery. We also believe that video compositing overlaid fake video inserted over a CGI background.

    Courts generally allow video evidence. In order to challenge the admission of video evidence under current rules, it would be necessary to examine the video for “evidence of tampering”. In that case, you could have that video excluded.

    This is an area where the Rules of Evidence have not kept pace with advancing technology. It is possible to create a digital scene that does not show “evidence of tampering”.

    Why would the perps choose to present background CGI imagery with composited fake planes? “To fool the mind – combine at least two tricks”. Because the technique of “combining at least 2 tricks” is commonly used by professional illusionists to further confound an audience – methods used by professional illusionists, information warriors.

    Some commenters asked “without the video evidence – what else is there”? Well, the “video evidence” on 911 constitutes “Testimony” by sources unknown who cannot be cross-examined – and that we are all supposed to take as “credible” and unimpeachable. This was the intention of the perps.

    Once you exclude the fake video from consideration, you remove the Cognitive Illusion influence that it was designed to induce. Then, you focus on other available evidence – such as information, testimony (only of witnesses you can cross-examine), physical evidence, and other types of direct and circumstantial evidence.

    There are well-established procedures for getting to the truth in matters such as these. We mentioned a few, such as, Structured Methods of Intelligence Analysis.

    Will this provide “all the answers”? No. But it will ensure you aren’t being tricked. If you want more answers, start arresting people and questioning them.



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Rising up at WTC

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They never quit with their in your face numbers.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The first office tower at Ground Zero since the September 11, 2001 attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center will open on Wednesday, marking a comeback for the Lower Manhattan site.
Sheathed in glass, 4 World Trade Center is the smallest of the four main towers on the site where 2,700 people died when hijacked airplanes crashed into the towers. It stands 977 feet (298 meters) tall – a shorter, simpler version of One World Trade Center, which will not be completed until early 2014.
The 72-story building stands empty at the moment, although two government agencies have signed leases for half of the building’s space. Both the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owns the site, and the city of New York committed to the space years ago to help jump start rebuilding efforts.
Since the attacks, disagreements among New York City, the state, the federal government, developers, insurers, victims’ families and others have slowed construction on the 16-acre site. Developer Larry Silverstein, who held the lease to the site when it was attacked in 2001, has played a key role in shaping the project’s design, security and cost.
“The world is recognizing that we’ve moved from 12 years of controversy and construction to having a real place that is coming back to life as a part of New York City,” said Janno Lieber, who oversees planning, design and rebuilding for Silverstein Properties.
Silverstein spokesman Dara McQuillan said the developer was not troubled that the 2.3 million-square-foot building is only half leased.
In 2006, Silverstein opened 7 World Trade Center, just north of Ground Zero, and the company was the only tenant in the building. But by 2011, it was fully leased with such tenants as Moody’s Corp and Mansueto Ventures, which publishes Fast Company and Inc. magazines.
“We learned at 7 World Trade Center that when you build state-of-the-art, green, high-tech office buildings, they lease quickly,” McQuillan said.
Commercial real estate in downtown Manhattan rents for about $47 per square foot, about 35 percent less than rents in midtown Manhattan, according to commercial real estate services firm CBRE Group.
The skyscraper cost about $2 billion to build, including land lease costs, and was financed with $1.2 billion of tax-free Liberty Bonds and hard-won insurance proceeds.
On Monday, a council of urban designers decided that One World Trade Center, which is being built by Douglas Durst and the Port Authority, would be the tallest building in the United States.
They voted to count its spire in the total height of the building, which will reach 1,776 feet, a number chosen for the year the U.S. Declaration of Independence was signed. The spire on the original twin towers reached 1,727 feet and the Empire State Building’s antenna spire reaches 1,454 feet.
A 9/11 museum is expected to open at the site in the next year. A transportation hub, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, is scheduled to open in 2015.
The site will include two more office towers and some 550,000 square feet of retail space. Architect Frank Gehry, most famous for designing the contemporary Guggenheim Museum in Spain, has planned a performing arts center for the building.


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The 9/11 Swindle continues

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To make sure generations buy into the lie, we have the ongoing mega-memorial. Listen to this liar speak, where towards the end we have many occultist numbers…47 board members, 11 of which are family members….raising $360 million dollars…

Simon points out:

What exactly is Joe going on about – at 2:40 into this interview?

“I will say that there is not a … one consistent view from the quote-unquote “family members”…

Is Joe-the-CEO trying to tell us that the family members are not really … family members?

National September 11 Memorial and Museum • Cluesforum.info.

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The nuke swindle continues

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Surprised the proposed hike isn’t 33%. This is what the the fakery is all about: a money swindle. You pay more and more every month for 0 energy.

Already increasing electricity bills will soar even higher if Ontario Power Generation gets approval for a 30 per cent increase in the rate it is paid for electricity generated by nuclear power, the New Democrats warned Tuesday.

via OPG wants 30 per cent rate hike for nuclear generation | CTV Toronto News.

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