John meets Ace with Tom

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I’m posting this for a few reasons. Tom injects goodness into the broadcast, and because I haven’t heard a recent Ace interview anywhere since I started my investigation over a year ago.

As I’ve said before, the movie that jolted me the most was the Great American PsyOpera. I’ve since learned much, but as an overall movie, I’d still recommend it. Ace seems to be as stubborn or controlled as Fetzer: he refuses to acknowledge the logic of discarding the video 0;evidence” that is the crux of the whole “truth” refutation of the official conspiracy story.

As a host, I realize the danger of punching the guest in the mouth with my views before he gets his out. It’s a delicate balance that one must weight if they want to get the guest’s (unbiased) views. John’s evolution to my way of thinking about the whole concept is coming along, so I won’t fault him for at least exposing Ace for what he appears to be.

Ace also did a good explanation of cognitive dissonance. When faced with the choice of believing the official story or believing our government is lying to us, most will choose the official story. It’s really a Sophie’s Choice for most, and therefore, a highly distasteful thought.

One occultist number that Ace dropped in the audio was that he found 22 data points or anomalies illustrative of problems making video composites. This is said at 25:20 of the broadcast.

Perhaps we will do an audio this week and deconstruct the interview and the GAPOpera as a group (whoever wishes to conference in). I too would have liked an explanation for the Fetzer show suicide episode. I also would have liked an indication of how he managed to produce such a high production quality movie on a 0? budget. How come in his entire “truth” career has he not moved forward to a logical conclusion that so many here have? If there’s a good reason, I’d like to know that.


On this edition of The Realist Report, we’ll be joined by Ace Baker, producer of the documentary – The Great American Psy-Opera. Ace and I will be discussing his 9/11 research.

via John Friend’s Blog: The Realist Report with John Friend.


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6 thoughts on “John meets Ace with Tom

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    An interesting observation – (pt #1) from 18:38 to 18:48 one can perceive
    in the smoke a form over the South Tower – a colossal theater mask
    reminiscent of Greek “TRAGEDY!”

    What truth lies before our eyes – brought to us through the magik
    of TELL-LIE-Vision!


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