The sad state of “news” today

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Man dies in armed standoff with Toronto Police  SIU   Toronto   GTA   News   Toronto SunThis is what they call news today. No details, not witnesses, no reality. What looks like a practice drill and calling it real is all we see here. Oh, and the to help indicate the .

I doubt anyone will follow up on this. We have no 0;reporters” or “investigators” on our side. There really is no one paying attention anyway, so this really only serves as Operation Gladio style noise. It keeps our military-style SWAT unit trained and keeps the people tense.

Great video of the army-style SWAT team vehicle cruising around. Every town needs one!

TORONTO – A man died in an armed standoff with police in downtown Toronto on Wednesday, according to the Special Investigations Unit.

“At approximately 1:45 p.m., a firearm was discharged and the man was fatally struck,” the SIU said in a release.

It was not immediately clear whether a officer fired the shot or the man took his own life.

Officers were called to the Sherbourne-Wellesley Sts. area around 12:30 p.m. to deal with a man who was believed to be wanted by police.

“Officers observed a man believed to be wanted who was believed to be armed with a gun and there was a foot pursuit before he hid behind a building and an altercation took place,” said Const. Sarah Diamond, who added she could not comment further because the SIU is involved.

The SIU says officers attempted to talk to the male and a short time later the Emergency Task Force was called.

After the shot was fired, emergency personnel took the man by a stretcher to a waiting ambulance, which remained at the scene until the early evening.

The superintendent at 433/435 Sherbourne where the incident took place gave ETF officers access to the roof as others surrounded the area.

“They gave him so many chances. Cops were yelling at him to give himself up. They said there was no where to go and they wanted to do it the nice way. The man was talking about tickets and warrants and the cops were telling him not to worry and were telling him they could settle things,” said Rick, the super at the building.

“They gave him so many chances.”

The standoff took place by Our Lady of Lourdes elementary school which was locked down for a couple of hours.

Joan Tigert, who had six– and nine-year-old children attending the school, said the experience was terrifying.

“I phoned the school and they said the kids were safe. They are pretty young to understand this but I will help them through the process and I sure will hug them when I see them,” Tigert said.

The students were allowed to leave the school shortly after 3 p.m.

The SIU investigates when police are involved in incidents where there has been a death or serious injury.

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