Layering an onion

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Here we have an example of the media building its onion, or adding another wall to the truth castle.

Here they created a story that admits in order to mask the very story that itself is fake. There is no doubt in my mind that the whole incident on /2012 was a hoax that probably didn’t even need on site props to perform. Add to it a homosexual ambassador to further the 0;gay” agenda and you have another toxic soup to deal with.

The only positive thing in this whole fake on fake story is Lara Logan. Boy she’s easy on the eyes and purrs like a kitten when she talks. Just another layer in the (wonder if she fools as many women as men).

So in summary we have a fake controversy of a fake story to hide the main fake story. Is your head spinning yet?

When “60 Minutes” apologized for featuring in its report on Benghazi a security contractor whose story turned out to be a lie,

via CAIRO: Questions about ‘60 Minutes’ Benghazi story go beyond Dylan Davies interview; CBS conducting ‘journalistic review’ | Middle East | McClatchy DC.

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