Fetzer Dustup on Dose

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Fakeologist regular Dusty Ash challenges Dr. Fetzer on his research on Brian’s show

The Dose Of Reality

An interesting listen.



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Herge Degrelle
Herge Degrelle(@herge-degrelle)
8 years ago

I can’t believe nobody challenged Fetzer on that ridiculous hologram nonsense that he still has the gall to keep blurting out as if it was in any way, shape or form credible! What the hell? www.cluesforum.info/viewtopic…. If, as Fetzer claims, holograms were likely used as per Richard P. Hall’s “radar data” (which you have to deeply study like him to “understand” now, you dabblers, lol) and therefore necessarily filmed, then the flight path of the friggin “hologram” of the plane should be the same in all the many different videos, right? Why are the flight-trajectories completely different in the many… Read more »

8 years ago

Hi Ab, I like to start with thank you for posting this rather odd dialog involving myself and caller Mike from California. I will be honest with you I am a pretty inexperienced to all this explanation in deceptions but I can hear a phony when presented to me and Mr. Fetzer was one of them no question about it. It did not take me long after listening to Brian’s show that night and feeling out the audience monitoring the chat when I just could not help to call in and try my best to challenge Fetzer on JFK and… Read more »

8 years ago

history is a screenplay in dr. fetzer’s head, complete with dialogue.