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From nukes to coal

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This may not seem like a relevant topic here, but it really is. I am convinced that nuclear power is a hoax. It’s is an important part of the massive energy swindle that goes on worldwide.

A major part of the manipulation of the masses is via energy pricing. They control all aspects of energy. It is a central lever of sheep control, and a major profit center as they swing the resource price up and down.

So as they phase out the traditional nuke fraud, they simply bring back a real technology, one that actually works. Re-enter coal:

Steag GmbH started Germany’s first new power plant fueled by hard coal in eight years, allowing the generator and energy trader to take advantage of near record-low coal prices that have widened profit margins.

The 10 new units will boost German hard coal generation capacity by 33 percent to 32,432 megawatts from 24,447 megawatts as of Oct. 16, regulator data show.

Once the price of coal rises as demand grows, they’ll find a new way to demonize it, phase it out, and bring on the next version of the nuke hoax, perhaps thorium. It may take a generation to do so, but by then the generation that may have remembered will be gone and the new sheep will never have learned about it.

via Steag Starts Coal-Fired Power Plant in Germany – Bloomberg.

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Einstein psyOp

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Lux brings up on cluesforum.info the Einstein psyOp. I look at Einstein like a Shakespeare or Mozart: an entity created to promote a mythical new way of thinking called the theory of relativity and perhaps give a face to the nuclear myth. Humans need names and faces to follow and these entities are the best way to lead them. Build up the next messiah of ___ and you’ll get a crowd, no matter how smart the crowd thinks they are. Those that lead us have studied the oldest science in the world: how to manipulate humans and make them do what they want willingly.

I think Einstein has a lot to do with these science problems you mentioned. Or I should say, the Einstein Psy-op because that’s what I believe it was (and still is).

Science was different before Einstein and the media creation of him as a sort of physics god is what brought about that change which is still with us today.

The idea that Einstein was a fraud is certainly not new but the question I’ve never seen asked about him is WHY? Why was Einstein created?

via What is Gravity? • Cluesforum.info.

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