From nukes to coal

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This may not seem like a relevant topic here, but it really is. I am convinced that nuclear power is a hoax. It’s is an important part of the massive energy swindle that goes on worldwide.

A major part of the manipulation of the masses is via energy pricing. They control all aspects of energy. It is a central lever of sheep control, and a major profit center as they swing the resource price up and down.

So as they phase out the traditional nuke fraud, they simply bring back a real technology, one that actually works. Re-enter coal:

Steag GmbH started Germany’s first new power plant fueled by hard coal in eight years, allowing the generator and energy trader to take advantage of near record-low coal prices that have widened profit margins.

The 10 new units will boost German hard coal generation capacity by 33 percent to 32,432 megawatts from 24,447 megawatts as of Oct. 16, regulator data show.

Once the price of coal rises as demand grows, they’ll find a new way to demonize it, phase it out, and bring on the next version of the nuke hoax, perhaps thorium. It may take a generation to do so, but by then the generation that may have remembered will be gone and the new sheep will never have learned about it.

via Steag Starts Coal-Fired Power Plant in Germany – Bloomberg.

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6 thoughts on “From nukes to coal


    Wow, this OpenID login is buggy as shit, is there another option like you had before with more anonymous posting methods without registration? Anyway …

    I just wanted to say I think you are onto something and this could be your focus that really opens up a new world of media fakery or fakery in general. Like fake society/civilization accomplishments. We don’t really delve much into the energy sector on CluesForum but dang, could that ever be useful! It seems to me geothermal is also something that might be related to the nuke hoax. As in, the reason it may be so heavily guarded is because perhaps they actually have a deep geothermal technology behind the big “nuclear towers”. This could explain the “clean” energy claims and the giant sizes of the tubes.

    Anyway, just wanted to say this is a good direction.

    1. ab Post author

      Hi Hoi,
      I’ll fix your username. You don’t need the social media login, it’s just an option to make life easier. One can just simply register with a name and email.

      Yes, the energy swindle is huge. I don’t know much about geothermal, but am happy with the theory that nuke plants are electric overload dumps. If we could only see electricity, its direction, and volume in them there wires…

      1. Hoi Polloi


        But isn’t that through WordPress, which requires registration through WP? Where is the old method of just putting a username and website or email or something? Not trying to be a grumpy gus but it does seem like a bad change on the site. What happened?

        1. ab Post author

          Hi Hoi,
          I installed a social media plugin to make it easier for password management. It simply connects your favorite social media account to an account you create here. It seems that few care/use it, so I’ll probably disconnect it. It causes more trouble than it’s worth. works the same way, perhaps without even asking. I am not on the plantation, but am linked for stats only. Like I said, you can just enter your email and pass and ignore the social media login, as most do. Linking is put before us as a matter of convenience, but with a good password management app, it’s superfluous.

  2. Gabriel

    I also tend to think nukes are fake. Tim, it took about 45 seconds to get to this page to respond. I had more to say but waiting I moved onto another thought.

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