432 Park Avenue magic numbers

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This guy is deep into the .

Any numbers he talks about related to the solar system or are made up for sure in my mind.

The numbers on the ground here on earth are interesting.
432 Park Avenue is an new iconic structure rising at the corner of 56th Street in midtown Manhattan (thanks to Darrell for bringing it to my attention). When completed in 2015 it will be the tallest residential tower in the Western hemisphere and the second tallest building in New York City after the One World Trade Center (formerly known as the Freedom Tower).


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4 thoughts on “432 Park Avenue magic numbers

  1. wolfman9

    The guy bought ‘440’ Park and tore it down to build ‘432’ Park. The other day I had made a comment about the difference between ‘Standard’ tuning, in music, is ‘A 440hz’ and ‘Verdi tuning’ is at ‘ A 432hz’. It was decided, by the Rockafeller Foundation to make ‘A 440hz’ the broadcasting standard. Nearly all music that you hear on the radio today is tuned to ‘A 440’. The thing is, there are natural harmonic resonances that are produced by the earth. These resonances correlate to the numbers that we commonly refer to as ‘Sacred Geometry’, such as ‘432’. To use ‘A 440’, is promoting a frequency that does not happen in nature. I wonder if the building of the this structure is a reference to this, somehow… Btw, 4/4 timing doesn’t happen in nature, either. Cheers!

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