JFK: PsyOp Thread

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JFK Was in the minority of the population. IMA...

Was in the minority of the population. IMAGINE if he had stooped so low to suggest that the SACRED RIGHT OF AMERICANS TO VOTE was an issue? (Photo credit: roberthuffstutter)

Time for a post to list your favorite problems with the .

Chris and Markus talked about a few on a past Hoaxbusters call:

  1. Motorcycle cop seen riding in some imagery beside Presidential limo missing from Zapruder film
  2. Lack of crowd and disproportionate person size in backdrop on grass behind limo in Zapruder film
  3. Lack of blood on Jackie’s pink dress (which is apparently to be quarantined for another 100 years)

Those are just a few problems with the JFK hoax. Whether they are there by accident or deliberate, my stand is that the entire JFK event was a . JFK may or may not have died in or around that day, but it was not in Dealey plaza as we were shown.

Our radio interview with Culto:


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From www.cluesforum.info/viewtopic…., Hoi starts the clues thread:

has taught us a lot about how many levels of conspiracy are created around every major event, in order to control the dialogue.

Therefore, in order to break out of the old JFK theories which may ALL be artificial constructions, let us propose something 9/11-like that might have been going on during the 60’s.

The Zapruder film is not only a known fake – it is a proven fake. True, it was released far after people were clamoring for information, but this is an argument for a few different things that may be going on.


Jean Hill (left), Mary Moorman (right) as capt...

Jean Hill (left), Mary Moorman (right) as captured in Frame 298 of the Zapruder film, just less than one second before the fatal head shot. (Photo credit: )

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14 thoughts on “JFK: PsyOp Thread

  1. wolfman9

    What is the deal with Marilyn Monroe and Abraham Lincoln? I’m sure people have probably seen that list of weird and inaccurate similarities between JFK and Lincoln but, this picture just strikes me as very odd. Marilyn in a convertible, similar to the one Jack was ‘shot’ in, holding a picture of Abe. WTF?


  2. wolfman9

    What was the purpose of the parade that day? Did they do these ‘parade the president out in front of the people’ events often, back then? Why did L.H.O. get 2-3 chances to speak to the media, before he was ‘shot’? When have you ever seen that allowed with a murder suspect?

    I am sticking to the exploding packet theory, for now. Jackie does not even flinch and then climbs on to the back of the car to grab, what does not seem to be any piece of bloody gore. The Secret Service guy appears to be climbing on the back and reaching for the same object before Jackie gets it first. I noticed many versions of the ZAP film are cropped so you can’t see what it is she is grabbing. ..And, just put yourself in Jackie’s shoes, what would you do in a supposed hail of gunfire?

  3. wolfman9

    In the Zapruder film ( I don’t know who pointed this out on Cluesforum.info but,) when the limo emerges from behind the sign, it is said that JFK was already shot in the neck and that is why he is grabbing his throat. To me, it looks like his hands are in front of his throat and he is perhaps tying something to his face. Jackie then appears to lean over and pull the chord on some kind of packet that appears evident in the few frames before the ‘headshot’. If you look at the wound, it does not even look real, again, some kind of exploding packet. I think this also may explain what Jackie was really climbing on to the back of the car to grab. Abraham Zapruder was a supposed 33rd degree F.M. and the first masonic temple in Dallas is located in Dealey Plaza. The streets also look like a pyramid and there is and obelisk.

    Also, the other day, I saw an advertisement for some new t.v. show. In the ad, it flashed a shot, very briefly, of central park. It highlighted a peculiar aquaduct in the center of Jackie Kennedy Res. that points directly to an egyptian temple gate that was given to america, during the Kennedy administration, that sits in the art museum, next to it. Because I had seen this movie, I recognized the deliberate reference to it in the t.v. ad, that has been airing here in the weeks leading up the the ‘golden anniversary’ of this ASSASSination. Cheers! www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1pYiP…

  4. aybesea

    if the zapruder film is a total fake. how is that the basis of your evidence that the death was fake? All it proves is that video is fake. Could it not be possible that the death/murder was indeed carried out that day. Then this fake video was released to public to show you how it was done. Hiding the very real facts of the murder, who carried it out and how it was done. Or as you say this video could have been released to hide the fact that he is not in dead.

    You can’t possibly know for a fact he did not die that day. That is impossible as none of us were there that day. I wasn’t.

    Also you could very well be right in your assertion of that day. That it was one elaborate hoax. But that is all it is, it is not a fact.

    1. ArmunnRigh

      Yes, that is possible, aybesea.

      However, that would also mean that JFK, as any other public figure, was real and not a character played in a “real life” movie theatre film.

      I guess it depends on where you stand on that, but it seems to me to make much less sense not to acknowledge that public figures’ lives and actions are scripted – unless one bases oneself on a preset story that one would look to confirm in the public events. If one believes in the bible, then one will see bible prophecy developing everywhere, for example.

      Do not misunderstand me, I do not rule out that that man might have died on that day and at that moment and that the film and all the process was the true hoax – what I need to convince me otherwise are objective facts.
      I do not rule out being wrong – but then, I also do not have a set story that I want to confirm with the world “events”. What I am doing is slicing out untruths and trying out hypothetical plot twists to see if they fit the script being sold.

      This is because whether the “event” was real or completely staged, it belongs to a larger background story that aims to and is guiding human behavior in the social sphere, because stories are the essential component in human behavior:

      «If stories were not the decisive factor in human behavior, then there wouldn’t be a need for media control, nor for religious control – which have been the earlier storytellers.»

    2. smj

      shit, i don’t even believe in the executive office of the president of the united states, let alone that they blew off the head of one its titular heads.

    3. lux

      When an extraordinary event is alleged to have occurred and the evidence presented for this event has been proven to have been falsified then it becomes the responsibility of those who allege it did occur to prove it did happen. Not the other way around as you assert. Since the JFK assassination evidence has been proven to have been falsified and since the alleged Oswald assassination is obviously fake by simple observation of the news reels of the day and since the alleged assassinations of RFK and MLK also strongly suggest falsified events (see cluesforum.info threads for more info) then it is perfectly logical to assume that JFK was not assassinated on that day in Dallas. In other words, there is far more evidence that JFK was not killed then that he was.

    1. JoeyZ

      I have a GIFT for you before heading out on a 3 day road-trip.
      In The ZAP film between frames 345 – 365, you will witness a
      skinny man dressed in black, appearing to be hitting the deck.
      Then he is in a seated position. But in actuality, he is standing up!
      The background (layering) in this section of film is moving in reverse.
      NO ONE ever notices this!!!! NO ONE!

      You can thank me latter 🙂

      Joey Z.

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