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Imagine if everyone, just for a day a year, thought about the way our society was set up, who ruled over us, understood psyWars and infoWars departments, , and how easily we have been fooled.

I wonder if anything would change? Quite possibly.

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1 thought on “Distractions

  1. ArmunnRigh

    Call me a pessimist, if you will, but I don’t think it would change that much. The greater majority of the population would run back to their previous set roles after releasing some steam, due to the lack of a better script on the other side of the truth veil.

    The minority that would benefit from that would then still require a better story in order to convince the others to let go of the still safer cushion.

    Note that every single tribe that ever existed had to have had some sort of background myth or legend or story to share among themselves and give them a sense of unity within that group. Every invader tried in one way or another to impose its own story over the conquered, in order to expand its identity.
    However, it was when empires realized that more than imposing a set and stagnant script by force they would have to adapt it in order to include the conquered, that a true world order was really established. Even if not on paper (yet at least), the empire has made us all characters in a global human story, rather than a tribal one. Now that works, because people get involved and add to the detail of the script and have therefore a sense of ownership over the story itself.

    A regular person would say: «What you say may even be true, but I have a lot invested in this story. It is my life.»

    Now clearly, it appears to me, the empire is dismantling its own story, or at least assisting in it. So do they have another more appealing script ready to take its place? I believe so, yes.
    The breaking down of the current script will confirm everyone’s prefered story; from the revelations of the bible to the worldwide revolt and class confrontation of the Marxists, taking in everyone’s fears and beliefs in a single turning of a page.

    Then, when chaos and disorientation is in place – for although every story’s climax is confirmed, the “good” ending never seems to come – the new global script can finally be presented without meeting much resistance from a global population united in feeling betrayed by their own beliefs and eager for the comforts of a new role to play in a real life myth.

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