Nuke steam

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Electricity has to go somewhere. It cannot be quickly stored, so it must be sent somewhere on the grid. If wind turbines are turning, their deal is that they don’t disconnect their dynamo, they get paid and we use their flaky power. This is where our nuke overflow dump comes in to play. Here’s an anti-wind blog that actually shows how the biggest nuke plant in Ontario was documented to 0;blow off steam”.

Their plausible deniability of the con is that they cannot turn off their nuke reaction quickly enough, so they must blow off their own heat steam. My contention is that electricity actually flows into the plant, to heat the plain old heating coils (not uranium bundles or fasci) that heat the water.

Ontario, you are being fleeced, each and every hour, one nuke plant, one windmill, one solar panel, one unbuilt gas plant at a time. We are the world leader and model for the energy swindle. Forget Rob Ford, this is what you should be paying attention to.

Not sure where these came from, but they are the signature, as usual, of the swindle. Mostly likely Ontario Hydro supplied them. They’re as real as our government deficit/debt numbers. We can’t know if they’re even near correct or just tweaked a bit to match their occultist obsession.

While the developers were being paid for that, Ontario was busy exporting 119,000 MWh at an average price of $7.06 per MWh (.07 cents per kWh) on the Saturday, and on Sunday we received
67 cents per MWh.  All of the exports generated around  $450,000 over the weekend to slightly offset the dollars that will be billed to ratepayers via the Global Adjustment (GA).

While the cost to ratepayers was once about $20 million, which included close to $14 million paid to the wind power companies for generated and constrained power, there is more: perhaps as much as $5 million was paid to Bruce Power for steaming off up to 2,500 MW per hour of nuclear, and another $1 million or so to the gas plant generators for sitting idle.   Not included in that estimate is revenue lost to OPG for spilling clean hydro which may have gone to reduce the “residual stranded debt.”

via Wind Concerns Ontario Blog: Warning: your blood will boil (and your wallet will drain) on reading this.

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1 thought on “Nuke steam

  1. Tom

    Well. since I heard Rae West ( Big/Nuke Lies) and yourself discussing the idea that nuclear power stations were actually ‘electrical dumps’, I too, found it compelling.

    I think it makes complete sense really.

    Keep it simple.

    It fits the parasitic nature of the beast doesn’t it? Minimum cost. Just run them alongside a grid as a cooling station. Just a total con. Nothing NUCLALA about it.

    It’s nice for us to be able to let off steam! Bless us.

    Meanwhile, if the tide comes in a long way you can make-pretend it’s released a terrible invisible-death-cancer into the air and water and clear vast areas of land of people. Clever that – see them run from the deadly phantom…

    Unclear Bombs are bullshit and so is unclear power. There’s nothing nu about it

    Are we clear?

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