Sandy Hoax Deconstructed

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I like Sophia – she sees the big picture. This interview with Fetzer is worthwhile to listen to, up to the part.


Fetzer’s suspicious in his logic. He agrees that the is a full fledged psyOp, complete with vicsims and crisis actors. Why can’t he extend this logic back in time to and JFK? Does he think this is all new?


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2 thoughts on “Sandy Hoax Deconstructed

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  2. UNreal

    Very good interview with Sophia Smallstorm indeed, also John Friend did an interesting interview with her on health and male-female relations on the Realist Report.

    On the subject of Fukushima however, i feel that although S. Smallstorm is not aware of the nuclear hoax, she brings forward something very important in regards to what the reason for the “nuclear” leakage in Japan might really be;
    radiation is useful to cover up health damage, ie cellphone and wireless…

    if radiation from nuclear reactors do not exist, why would they make us believe this is so dangerous apart fear-mongering ?
    from the polio-vaccine we have reasons to believe that it was purposefully contaminated with the SV40 virus.
    Cellphone radiation and wireless is quite harmful, and it could be very useful to cover this fact up and as such, it can serve both the nuclear industry & cellphone & wireless companys, isn’t this a win-win ?

    *in regards to Fukushima, Japan has an extremely high usage of wireless & cellphones


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