Stern on Ford

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Listening (still) to the King of Radio who got me into . is a leading instrument (although he likes to play stupid, but he’s clearly highly intelligent) in all the . His 9/11 show on 9/11/2001 was THE radio coverage of the day, and he did his best to reinforce the official story. I’ll put more examples up later of his constant reinforcing of the psyOps of the day.

On his 11/19/13 show, he played a interview with Rob Ford, asking if Rob Ford would be fit to lead the city while binging on crack, if, get this, a terrorist attack occurred.

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  1. Herge Degrelle

    King of all douches. I remember that show and it was the VERY LAST show of his I ever listened to, the last straw. I was offended beyond measure. Both Stern and his even more disgusting ass-kissing sidekick Robin immediately jumped on the Muslims-must-have-done-it bandwagon and advocated, on the air, and more-than-once if I remember correctly, “nuking” or bombing all of Palestine and every other Islamic country and killing every last person, including all the children, because “they would just grow up to be terrorists anyway.” That baba-booey fuckwad or whatever his name is came in all traumatized and started commiserating with his multi-millionaire Jew boss about how the poor Israelis have to deal with “this kind of crap” every day, Howie bringing out his true Zionist colors by declaring “now you know how the Israelis feel,” etc. It made me want to vomit. One of the lowest points of humanity in recent history.

    Maybe the best show Stern ever did, you may have heard it originally in the 1990’s or in his best-of-douchbaggery archives, was when he had the angry Italian old-timey Vegas lounge-comedian Pat Cooper on and at the same time he had a bunch of different callers from Philadelphia set-up calling in, one after the other, all talking about the same rich homo pervert that used to live in their neighborhood when they were kids called “Uncle Ed.” This “Uncle Ed” character was apparently called that because his sausage was almost as big as a horse’s, and hence, “Uncle Ed” from “Mister Ed,” the old TV show about the talking horse. He used to give the teenage boys money or Philadelphia Eagles tickets to come to his house, get naked and either perform sexual favors or if they didn’t want to do that, do other perverted things with him, like piss a golden-shower on him in the bathtub or slam the door really hard on his prick. lol Stern had five or six different people from Philly call, all now adults, telling their different stories about encounters with this same guy, but completely without any moral offense or disgust, in a mood of laid-back and casual conversation between friends, almost reminiscing nostalgic about their younger “good old” days when they used to go hustle “the fag” for money, as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Whenever they needed some easy cash or even better, hard-to-get Eagles tickets, they would say to each other “let’s go the fag’s house.” All the kids knew about him but none of them turned him in for years because they knew didn’t want to lose an easy source of money. lol The best part, as always, was Pat Cooper’s reactions to the complete lack of morality in any of the kids (now adults) telling these stories. It was comedy gold. I used to have that entire show recorded on cassette tape but I doubt if I could ever find it today.

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