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ep77-JFK Talk

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ep77-JFK with Blue Moon

Showtime: Saturday, November 23, 2013  9:11pm EST

Guests: Blue Moon, Chris Kendall, ArmunnRigh

Discussion: JFK and 9/11, with some population control.

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Good old wires

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I think it’s widely accepted that wires or fibre optic cabling actually transmit data. Satellites, since they don’t exist, can’t. I suppose the dishes can receive signals bounced off the ionosphere via tha HAARP or some other land based transmitter.

This story shows that an old fashioned cable is required for any serious internet connectivity. Tying it in with the satellite hoax is to either reinforce the hoax of satellites or to create confusion as to what technology is doing what.

Fibre optic line to link Inuvik’s satellite network to the world

via Fibre optic line to link Inuvik’s satellite network to the world – The Globe and Mail.

The 9/11 dentists

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Who knew there was a team of dentists working “ground zero”. Not that I believe any of the story, but how would a dentist be able to identify anyone at such a scene? Are dentists ever called in to any scene anywhere for such IDs? This story is so ridiculous you wonder how the actor who is paid to give this speech can deliver it without laughing (ya I know, money can make anyone do just about anything).

In particular, the greyish dust still haunts Stechey’s memory. It coated everything like a frost that had to be scrapped off with a fingernail.

“When you scraped it there was a smell,” Stechey said.

“It was the smell of death. The smell of human remains mixed in the dust.”

via Windsor native recounts toll of 9/11 experience | Windsor Star.

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