The 9/11 dentists

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Who knew there was a team of dentists working 0;ground zero”. Not that I believe any of the story, but how would a dentist be able to identify anyone at such a scene? Are dentists ever called in to any scene anywhere for such IDs? This story is so ridiculous you wonder how the actor who is paid to give this speech can deliver it without laughing (ya I know, money can make anyone do just about anything).

In particular, the greyish dust still haunts Stechey’s memory. It coated everything like a frost that had to be scrapped off with a fingernail.

“When you scraped it there was a smell,” Stechey said.

“It was the smell of death. The smell of human remains mixed in the dust.”

via Windsor native recounts toll of 9/11 experience | Windsor Star.

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1 thought on “The 9/11 dentists

  1. simonshack

    What a silly article – great find, Ab …

    I had to laugh aloud at this passage:

    “A lot of dentists who went didn’t make it. Many committed suicide, hit the bottle or had their marriages break up when they got back home.”

    Yeah – as if dentists were the sort of impressionable folks who’d develop PTSD… My mind drifts back to that sadistic ol’ dentist who kept power-drilling into my gums, giggling with evident amusement as he kept asking “Does it hurt?Does it hurt? – (with me quite unable to reply)…

    And the silly article inevitably ends with the obligatory numb numbers…

    “I remember them scanning the names on the memorial. One flashed on the screen, a 29-year-old father of a nine-month-old girl, I had identified. All the emotions came rushing back.”

    Good grief.


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