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JFK’s secret society

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Our friend Chris breaks down the JFK speech. JFK, an actor, was clearly trying to distract people away from the fact that he himself was part of the secret society that he was warning against.

Dolly & Bot

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From Armunn in the chat:

Another tool for perception management? It can project “realities” onto moving objects:

.. and here’s the “making of”, showing the technology:

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The Green movement psyOp

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While I am sure there are real people involved who really think they are doing good, I have almost no doubt that the entire operation is co-opted by Big Energy. Great post over at cluesforum.info that really speaks to what I hold to be true.

The more I read of the background to the Green movement, the more I find myself shocked. Its founding by the oligarchic “1001 Club” – with billionaire controllers like the Aspinalls, the Windsors, the Goldsmiths and the Rothschilds. The Greens’ hidden Malthusian agenda for depopulating (black) Africa and Latin America “to safeguard natural resources” (for themselves??) The Greens’ deep links to the “Club of the Isles” and its cartel of raw materials. Not least the Club’s dominance of the oil and gas industry – one of the key sectors the Greens claim vehemently to oppose!

Is Greenpeace and the entire Green movement really just a Hoax? Yet another scam? A scam to drive the price of hydrocarbons even higher? A cruel ruse that will push the poorest people of the world even further into “fuel poverty” and ultimately starvation.

The postulations here suggest that nuclear energy is another Hoax. A 70 year old fraud that has yet to generate a single watt of commercially-viable electricity. And with “alternative” energy never likely to satisfy even a fraction of our energy needs, we must still be living, very much, in the Age of Oil.

via THE “CHATBOX” • Cluesforum.info.

Video games of old look better than this “real” clip.

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Fakeologists for hire?

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Photoshop experts wanted  Beijing scrambles to protect officials from doctored image scandals   South China Morning PostPerhaps we can offer our services to the Chinese government. We are getting pretty good at spotting fakery. Why do it as a service to just the intelligence communities that pull these pranks?

If Rob Ford isn’t in on his prank, perhaps he’d be interested in our evaluative services? The photo “evidence” against him looks faker than a $3 bill.

As more and more officials are blackmailed using faked digital photographs, the government is asking scientists for help.

Research teams at major universities have received funding from the central government to come up with ways to help the authorities quickly determine whether an image has been manipulated by photo-editing software such as Photoshop.

A former photographer with Xinhua news agency said the use of photo-editing software was very popular in   government propaganda departments.

“Nearly all photos of senior government officials had been digitally retouched,” he said.

via Photoshop experts wanted: Beijing scrambles to protect officials from doctored-image scandals | South China Morning Post.


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