7 thoughts on “The great JFK Hoax

  1. Banazîr Galbasi

    This Colin McSween character was in the Province newspaper here today in Vancouver.


    I think they have guys like this planted in many cities all over North America that lend credence to the idea that someone is looking into these things for us and to verify parts of the official story along with any official conspiracy stories. Interesting how he claims that Oswald’s wife sought him out to talk to him without giving any particular reason. Never mind how he played JFK’s driver on the TV series The X-Files ( who’s spin off show the Lone Gunman gave us a glimpse of 9/11 by the way: www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3WW6e… )


    1. Dustyash

      Hey Banazir,

      Well put,,,, yeah and go figure hey the title The Lone Gunman preparing for the next big PsyOp. 9/11
      I am in good company with this web site all who contribute, you and Ab it is like a real breath of fresh air. Always fascinating and enlightening and educational. Cheers!

  2. wolfman9

    I agree, they all share the power and use their little clubs as a distraction yet, the very symbolism of this event seems to suggest a ritualistic action. The very non-randomness of it, seems to suggest a very diliberate and unlikely set of circumstances that, to me, is a dead giveaway.

    I was watching a little of the live coverage Alex Jones was streaming of Dealey Plaza today, sure glad he was out there standing up for us. For a while when he was standing around antagonizing everyone, there was this guy waving an Israeli flag right behind him. I am thinking, ‘what does Israel have to do with JFK?’ Was this guy trying to provoke some of the conspiracy theorist in attendance or, was he waving under the command of Gen. Alex? It was weird.

    Anyway, all this symbolism seems to be a code. One does not need to be able to translate the code and still be able to call ‘bullshit’, most likely.

    That being said, there does seem to be some parallels between the symbolism of Kennedy and Lincoln. Probably why so many lists of the different ‘coincidences’ have surfaced between the two, probably another thread of truth that must be obscured. I thought it interesting, the 150 year anniversary of Lincoln’s ‘Gettysburg Address’ was on this past Tuesday and today being, well, you know…

    Three days before he was killed in Dallas, Kennedy issued a message urging Americans to rededicate themselves to the goals of Abraham Lincoln. It read: “Let us remember those thousands of American patriots whose graves at home, beneath the sea and in distant lands are silent sentries of our heritage. Lincoln and others did indeed give us a new birth of freedom, but the goals of liberty…are never ending.”

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