Real lottery winner?

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I don’t buy tickets as a rule just out of principle, and also due the statistical impossibility of winning.

In Ontario, we have a monopoly ruling the operation, as in hydro, that makes it easier to control and therefore corrupt.

I’m suspicious of big lottery wins. They’re the main advertising tool to sell the scam. Small wins exist, but at a certain level I think they are fabricated. Check out all the big winners anywhere and look for clues.

Here’s another very simmy lottery winner. Looks like a bit of a conehead.

An OLG spokesman confirmed that Daniels had requested that no press conference be held to introduce him to the media.

Notice in the (controlled) comments there is an argument for not naming or publicizing winners. Wouldn’t that make not paying out or faking winners easier?…


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  1. Gabriel

    I used to buy lottery tickets when the jackpot was really high. I now think lotteries are the perps way of funding some of their operations. I’ll never spend another penny on a lottery. What makes me really sad is seeing poor people spending their last dollars buying tickets at the gas station. Its just very wrong and shows how desperate many people are. It should not be like this.

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