Do they hate us?

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It’s a well known tactic that in war you must demonize the enemy. It’s unnatural to attack another human being, and it takes a great deal of programming for most to work against their fellow man.…

Similar to dehumanization and stereotyping, the propaganda technique of demonizing the enemy aims at evoking a very negative emotion by associating the “enemy” or opposing group as evil, immoral, subhuman, or barbaric.  and end it with .

Example of Propaganda: Before ’s aggression in Manchuria and certainly before Pearl Harbor, the Japanese character was generally viewed as effeminate in the US. With the 1941 attack, the Japanese were quickly depicted as beastly, grotesque, and irrevocably foreign. While in other countries separation was made between the ruler and the people (as was the case with Mussolini and the Italians), atrocities were now ascribed to the Japanese people as a whole, including the Japanese-Americans who faced internment during the war.

In the first image, the Japanese are represented as a rat; in the second, we see the common theme sexual violence against women, in this case a bloodthirsty, subhuman Japanese soldier with an American woman, as fighting continues in the background.

Since I’m certain it’s the world’s intelligence agencies and their structures against the people, one wonders what kind of programming the average recruit must go through to make it his daily job to deceive the masses.

I’ve worked in retail before. After a while, you do begin to dislike your fellow man. Many people are rude, ignorant, and often you wish you could rid your situation of them. Later, you calm down and realize they are suffering just like you, perhaps worse. Your empathy kicks in, and you retreat to your passive state.

It’s that cycle of rationalization that must be broken. To remove that link to a get along must be quite an exercise. How many sign up for the military and realize they are going to war with their own people? Their own families? Their own children and their future?

How many would drop out on the spot, or ask to be transferred?

I am speculating out loud here, so all your thoughts on this most difficult of topics are welcome below.

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6 thoughts on “Do they hate us?

  1. tsisageya

    Here’s a clue: Who demonizes Muslims? Who on earth would want to do that? Who is it that we should be afraid of? Who are the terrorists? Who is in control of the media? Banks? The Fed? Is it Muslims?

    Who has nuclear weapons in the Middle East?

    1. ArmunnRigh

      What nuclear weapons?

      In any case, there isn’t one single homogenous group at work, but many – and all believe they are the ones calling the shots. Some are more visible than others, but all of them inhabit the chessboard, so none can be the chess player. So the “chess player” group has to exist outside the chessboard while it moves all the pieces.

      As long as we look at the chessboard for answers, we are looking at a virtual reality while trying to figure out how true it is – like 9/11 footage.

  2. ArmunnRigh

    I touched upon that in the last show with Blue Moon, when I mentioned the masons who want to be part of the system. It does not apply only to them at all.
    In fact, in Europe (I don’t know about you guys across the Atlantic), to get a job you must have a sort of certification for the role (in order to meet ISO Quality standards), which means that you must have had indoctrination even before you start working. Also, after you take a job, in order to get promoted you must show (and are evaluated on) certain traits in your behavior and business dealing that show that you can be suitable for an upper level. These evaluations are not left to the whims or ideas of the evaluator, but are set pre-written conditions that the evaluator must observe in order to propose a promotion, at the risk of he himself losing face and even his position.
    It is being implemented too at schools, where teachers now have predefined impersonal checklists for evaluating the students and are responsible for guiding them to “success” in meeting these conditions at the expense of their own evaluations.

    This is not by chance. Like lab rats, people in the work place (and actual daily social lives) are conditioned by praise/punishment techniques to behave, think and ultimately be a militant of their desired psychological frame.

  3. smj

    according to wiki’d, the word propaganda is derived from congregatio de propaganda fide, as in propagating the faith-spreading the news.
    however when its used in the modern secular context, i do not think this definition is expansive enough.

    i suggest we start using the term that really applies here. husbandry.

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