Staged collision hoaxes

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I’ve commented before on before. They’re done for a noble cause, of course. They are usually done in the dead of night, when there are virtually no witnesses. They are done to illustrate real problems, I suppose, to scare into behaving? Is a something we should accept?

Most RIDE stops are done near bars, in or around closing time. The bars close in Ontario at 2am.

To have a RIDE stop off a major highway is quite unusual. The collision here is less than a few kilometers away from the RIDE stop. If the perp was really going at a high rate of speed, there is little chance the pursuit would have even started by the time he’s alleged to have crashed, let alone have had the chase called off. The story here is really contradicting itself, to further illustrate it’s fake.


A man is dead after a violent single-car crash and Dundas and Hurontario Sts. Saturday morning.

The OPP called off the pursuit and a short time later received a call about a crash at the intersection about two kilometres north of the highway.

via Driver killed avoiding RIDE check in Mississauga | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun.

7 thoughts on “Staged collision hoaxes

  1. tsisageya

    I’m not sure where to put this info, this is probably not the place. But I’ve been noticing a ‘meme’ regarding statistics, in that, the number of killings by police in the U.S. has exceeded the number of deaths of our service people in Iraq. Suddenly, someone is concerned about the number of deaths caused by the police against American citizens and comparing them against deaths from Iraq. Suddenly, someone knows the number of deaths of soldiers in Iraq. How come no one talks about the deaths of the citizens of Iraq, by the way?

    I say all that to say that it’s all bullshit and I refuse to bite. When the time comes that I have to stand up against a tank, then I guess I’ll know otherwise. I also say all this to say that the United States government-tptb-whomever are trying their dead-level best to turn us all against each other. I reject that bullshit.

    If I have to find links, I will. But I really don’t think it’s necessary, unless you do.

    Please forgive my comment misplacement. There is so much I’m angry about.

    Anyway, it’s curious that I’ve seen that statistic twice in the last couple of days. (OMG!!! This is even more than the number of soldiers who died in Iraq!!!) Sure, like anyone gives a single fuck.

    1. tsisageya

      Is it possible that we should all get off the freaking internet and go out into the world to see what our actual experiences are? Yes, I think it is possible.

  2. rickpotvin

    Ab- noted you removed my tune. Oh well. It was done with proper intent. I find that looking for your forums and posting to the correct thread is too much– and the “chat” is nervewracking. So I’ve just taken to posting my latest feedback in your latest blogpost. I don’t want to have to “hunt” for the appropriate one. Try N54 again. No categories. Just real fast posting. New threads instantly. Good subject lines. I’m not sure what you found tricky about it. Anyhow, here’s TOWERING INFERNO– the original tall tower disaster- upon which WTC 9/11 could very well have been storyboarded.…

    1. ab Post author

      No, I never removed your tune. Your reminding me of your forum software preference is becoming redundant and annoying and not really helping, so please refrain from psychic driving me on that point.

  3. columjaddica

    I try to follow a lot of these smaller fake transportation disasters. Things I see on a daily basis:

    1) Bus flippings and wrecks, they usually make the passengers walk around the front of the bus together for a nice group shot, especially if they are highschoolers or college students dressed for sports. Incident command tent and heavy equipment like a loader is often seen in the images even though it’s far too soon for them to have heavy equipment there. I believe these are one of the easiest and cheapest non-tabletop mass casualty exercises they can do. A place like San Fran can afford much more spectactular disaster but smaller communities also need to have their first responders tested for loyalty and ability to stay quiet. These eventually happen in every locality.

    2) People standing on railroad tracks. This may be due to a commuter train “accident” but I also often see it in suspect images from industrial disasters, warehouse fires, etc. Bystanders will congregate on the tracks outside the burning facility but they usually don’t bring their shadows with them. I once went back and forth via email with the person credited for some obviously faked photos from a warehouse fire in Illinois. I never got a straight answer from her and she wouldn’t provide higher resolution photos. People looked inserted, no shadows, train had suspicious numbers on it (1138). Everything looked wrong. I eventually told the photographer that I’m done talking since she would only provide bullshit answers like “Wow, thanks for the compliment, my photos must have really popped”. Umm, it wasn’t a compliment.

    I think it would be fun to confront more credited photographers and columnists about these fake stories but don’t know if that’s a good idea.

    So what is this all about? Well, apparently we need new trains and gondolas and we need to get rid of cars. It’s 100 years since the chartering of the Rockefeller Foundation and they have a new initiative that has a lot to do with transportation. They believe that nearly the whole earth’s population is going to live in cities soon, and that we need the control-grid to prevent these disasters. Excuse them if they have to fudge the numbers a bit to justify these changes


    1. columjaddica

      This is the photo I asked the credited photographer about. I’d like to post the whole conversation because it was kind of interesting (although she was transparently dishonest) but I don’t think it’s proper to post private email conversations.

      There are some things about the photographer’s background in Chicago that’s interesting but probably pointless. I can’t even tell if most of the people credited with wire photos or “eyewitness” tweets/vines/etc are real or not.

      I misremembered earlier, the number isn’t 1138 but 6079 (Winston Smith)

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