How the WTC was demolished

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Simon’s had enough of all the bickering.

We have now demonstrated on this forum (in every imaginable manner) that ALL the imagery depicting the crucial events of the day were fake – and that includes the tower collapse imagery. In all logic, since the primary objective of the was to bring down the entire WTC complex – 9 buildings in all (and blame it on a bunch of muslim suicide-terrorists hijacking airplanes), the planners of this media-supported hoax would NOT have run the foolish risk to show the ACTUAL collapses on live TV, for the whole world to see. Common sense dictates that, since the perps could rely on the news networks airing fake imagery, they would have used this asset to its full potential.

via CGI collapse footage •

Interesting to see the Biltmore collapse, with its 33 floors and 245 feet in 1977, and almost a million people didn’t even notice. The millions in NYC didn’t notice what was happening at the WTC either, since most went fleeing to their TV sets for a better look.


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9 thoughts on “How the WTC was demolished

  1. tsisageya

    Another sad thing is that neither you, nor Simon (I think), are American citizens, yet you are the ones that persevere. Thank you so very much. I hope I can do the same for you guys one day.

      1. tsisageya

        No reason to believe the asbestos story? Sure, maybe asbestos doesn’t exist either, or at least it has nothing to do with New York City on September 11, 2001. Maybe it’s all lies, lies and more lies. Okay.

        It’s all good. Whatevs. Who knows what’s true? Who knows what’s false? It’s all bullshit. I can go with that.

  2. tsisageya

    Nevertheless, isn’t asbestos lethal when one breathes the exploded air from a motherfucking building in motherfucking NEW YORK CITY? I agree with everything Simon says, and you, abirato. No one died as they say. Nevertheless, humans, animals, plants had to breathe the asbestos air brought about by this bullshit. And, presumably, they are, and have been, dying because of it.

    Excuse me while I do a whirling dervish of fury. FURIOUS.

  3. Dustyash

    Hi Ab,
    This post and your narration of it, is absolutely brilliant from start to finish.
    I would highly recommend everyone to listen to it. It is so well put you do such a get job
    in delivering the message it really cuts through the BS. The work that you and others have put
    out in regards to this issue and media fakery is invaluable I am at a lost for words.
    Thanks again for keeping it real and educating myself and others who wish to really seriously
    seek some real answers. Your friend Dustyash,, be listening on the weekend as always and hope you have a RAW this week perhaps. Cheers AB keep up the great work in fighting the good fight for real truth.

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