Dan Rather: CBS liar in chief

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Simon’s post further exposing the and Dan Rather got me thinking.

Dan Rather started his career being center stage and instrumental in selling the hoax.

Next, watch American sweetheart TV anchorman DAN RATHER – as he relates what he knows of the(yet unreleased) Zapruder clip, only three days after the JFK drama. Enjoy! (and ask yourself if Dan Rather resembles in any way that Mike Walter of USA Today who is featured in my , relating how 0;he saw an American Airlines airliner hitting the Pentagon”…)

via JFK Zapruder: a proven fake • Cluesforum.info.

He then went on to being chief pitchman of the :

A few years later, he was fired for “speaking the truth” on Bush’s “military record”

So Dan gets away with telling the two biggest lies of the last 50 years, but is fired for reporting on a relatively minor or irrelevant (also manufactured?) event?

One might think there was a good reason for getting rid of Dan (he finally got a conscious and decided to spill the beans on the great deceptions?), but I doubt it.

I think it was simply a distraction, or another false event, illustrating the fake power struggle between government and media.

There is no power struggle. The two work hand and glove together; both are the two columns (I I) that support the ruling elite, the chessmasters (as Armunn so aptly named).

His final broadcast, in which once again, he invokes his biggest, and proudest, :

…containing this priceless falsehood: “to my fellow journalists, in places where reporting the truth means risking all”.

The only positive thing about the decline of network TV anchors with the rise of the internet is this: at least Americans won’t be letting the deceivers into their living room on a daily basis any more. Their time has past. What a run they had, though, leading the deception for so long.




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7 thoughts on “Dan Rather: CBS liar in chief

  1. columjaddica

    Back in 2003 I was a good young American liberal. One of my co-workers recommended reading Bernard Goldberg’s Bias. It opened my eyes to some of what the media does, and boy does it takes some pokes at Dan Rather. It has a limited outlook though, just left-vs-right, the kind of book somebody like Sean Hannity would talk about on his show.

    It kinda started my transition from Liberal to Libertarian to whatever the hell I am now (politics is just an act, but I still have opinions on law an society). I spent a few days looking up very old news articles about “cop killer bullets” and whatnot after I read the book. I saw the massive spam of articles with similar phrasing come and go as the hype changed.

    Gun control articles still read mostly the same as the old ones. The buzzwords and topics change but the tone remains the same.

  2. aralsea

    I’ve got to admit its powerful. Watching Dan Rather’s last newscast was a bit emotional for me. I never saw his last newscast live but watched him for many years. You get attached to these people like an old friend. Reminds me of how much I loved Johnny Carson too.

    1. ab Post author

      I find the internet powerful. Just lining up these videos in a row really shows how powerful the deception is. I let this guy into my home every night! Amazing.

      1. columjaddica

        I think the internet can be a great tool, but it lets them keep their finger on the pulse of the public and spy on them. It gives them access into the thoughts and fears of so many people.

        I spend a lot of time on the internet, and people I know sincerely ask “What do you do on there all the time? Porn?”. They literally don’t understand the idea that there’s more to do on the internet than mindless entertainment, shopping, banking.

        These same people say things like “You can’t trust anything on the internet” to blow off anything I try to explain, but they accept what comes from the TV as gospel. They don’t understand that you can use the internet to see a dozen different viewpoints and then pick the one that makes sense. They just think there is a truth, which is self evident based on popularity. And they get their sense of what is popular from the TV.

  3. ab Post author

    Here’s a similar story:
    Lara Logan to Take Leave of Absence From CBS in Wake of ’60 Minutes’ Report

    All this over what I think was a completely fabricated story as well, the Libya incident. So we have fakery on top of fakery, classic disinformation and obfuscation.

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