Air India Bombing-real or fake?

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Another Mega Canadian event that fails the sniff test. Twenty years later, the story continues to make news.

The story of the perps never made any sense. If it’s all a fake story, then that would probably explain it.

I will look into this case further, but the crash has all indicators. The 80s was the decade for hoaxes.

bomb maker appeals nine-year perjury sentence at B.C. court – Yahoo News Canada

Malik and Bagri were acquitted of mass murder and conspiracy charges in the June 23, 1985 bombing that sent the Air India jet into the Irish Sea, killing all 329 people aboard.…

2 thoughts on “Air India Bombing-real or fake?

  1. JohnnyClues

    I have not watched this documentary yet, but plan on doing so, I decided to throw it up in case other fellow fakeologists are interested in checking it out with their 9/11 goggles and perhaps notice discrepancies etc in the story.

    Credits to youtuber – Manish Thukral

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