Real Tacloban story?

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Should a country be worried when WHO moves in to help?

Found this on the 33 site:

Around 33,000 children are to be immunised against measles and polio in typhoon-hit Tacloban city.…

The typhoon has brought much opportunity for outside forces to move in. Is this good or bad?

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2 thoughts on “Real Tacloban story?

  1. aralsea

    Was it a land clear? It has a natural harbour and two access routes by channel (north & south) for a city of the future?

    OF course this is heavily promoted in the media so an alterior purpose is suspect. I know for sure there was heavy rain and wind. How many really died or are still dying we dont know for sure. I still think the core story is real since this is a monsoon area. But the vaccine angle is scarry.

    It is also the home turf of Billionaire Imelda Marcos…


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