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More on Caesar’s Messiah

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If you’re mildly interested in the history of Christianity and Rome, then you might like these two interviews with Joseph Atwill.



Happy Thanksgiving Fake Holiday (US)

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Apparently it’s just another occult death worship holiday. What a surprise!

Fastforward to the 10:00 mark to here the Dvorak breakdown of the Thanksgiving Holiday myth. 


I love Thanksgiving, but I don’t for a moment think that it’s anything but a somewhat phony and artificial holiday. Since it is our only true de factotwo-day holiday more than makes up for any flaws. But let’s not be fooled by the Pilgrim nonsense.

Thanksgiving myth angers many Native Americans

“The Thanksgiving myth has done so much damage and harm to the cultural self-esteem of generations of Indian people, including myself, by perpetuating negative and harmful images to both young Indian and non-Indian minds,” Zotigh wrote on the Smithsonian museum’s blog. “There are so many things wrong with the happy celebration that takes place in elementary schools and its association to American Indian culture; compromised integrity, stereotyping, and cultural misappropriation are three examples.”

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Child in hot car hoax?

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Is this another noble hoax? Another story, another nameless court, nameless judge. Why let facts get in the way of a good cause psyOp?

A Milton woman has been convicted of failing to provide the necessities of life after her grandson died because she forgot him in a sweltering car this summer.

Court records show that Leslie MacDonald, 52, pleaded guilty to the crime earlier this month and the judge accepted a recommendation from both the Crown and defence for a suspended sentence plus two years of probation.

via Milton grandma sentenced for grandson’s death after being left for a day in a sweltering car | Toronto Star.