More on Caesar’s Messiah

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If you’re mildly interested in the history of Christianity and Rome, then you might like these two interviews with Joseph Atwill.



3 thoughts on “More on Caesar’s Messiah

  1. Blue Moon

    It appears Atwill is writing a series of books- I’m fascinated by his work on the origins of feudalism- That’s new to me- As an ancient harbinger of Agenda 21, dumbing down, the green movement etc., this research might well bear fruit- The Flavian/Jesus thing is actually not that important- Xtianity is just another link in the psy-op chain to deceive and distract while unseen power plots and schemes-

    1. ab Post author

      The more I listen to Atwill the more I like the concept. The control mechanisms to shape and rule society have been in place FOREVER. Just the players and methods have changed.


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