Controlled Opposition in Canada

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A good explanation of controlled opposition.

The Illuminati often achieve their goals

by pretending to support the opposite.

It’s counter-intuitive but they advanced

world government by supporting nationalism

in Canada. It boils down to, if you wish to control

the opposition, you have to lead it.

My original title was 0;Confessions of a Dupe.” From the age of 18 to 40, I was an ardent Canadian nationalist and member of various “nationalist” groups, including Mel Hurtig’s “Committee for an Independent Canada.”  In 1968, I organized a speech for Hurtig (left) at Carleton University.  In 1988, when I was rich from Scruples, I contributed about $20,000 to opposing the free trade agreement because of the loss of Canadian sovereignty. –

via Illuminati Playbook: The Phony Opposition –

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