Corporate police busts

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Glad to see the corporations that control the world have such an efficient police force. Those knock off clothes are so dangerous to wear (even though they come out of the same slave [by our standards] garment factory).

Once more, I wonder if the story is true at all or if they just massage the to get them occultic.

Police have seized $6.5 million worth of fake goods and arrested 21 people in connection with a cross-border counterfeit investigation, confirmed Friday.

Officers from across Ontario executed a number of search warrants seizing items from 13 businesses across the province, including three Wireless Waves stores — two of which are located in Toronto.

Officers laid 155 charges and seized a large quantity of counterfeit luxury goods, fraudulent cosmetics, clothing, electronics, prescription drugs and TTC tokens.

Dubbed Project PACE (Partners Against Counterfeiting Everywhere), police worked with RCMP officers, the Canadian Border Services Agency, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, as well as a number of private sector businesses, including the LCBO and the TTC.

via Police seize $6.5 million in counterfeit goods | Toronto Star.

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